15mm EWAR Buildings, Now Painted! 1

EWAR_logoFollowing on from the EWAR Building Set Quick Look, I have set about and painted up this great set of buildings.

The Plastcraft15mm EWAR buildings, are a set of  5 buildings,  including a barber shop (at least my poor French and Google-Fu tell me so). They sit nicely together and form a row of semi-detached housing.

Alternatively they can be split apart and used as individual buildings. Each building is fully detailed on all 4 sides, so the sides normally butted up against another building when sitting in a row have windows, doors and other details.

This makes the set extremely flexible, and increases it’s usability.

15mm EWAR Buildings, Now Painted!

15mm EWAR Buildings - Box Art

Box Photo of the 5 buildings. It is actually 4 buildings, with the last building on the right a cafe/ attached housing combination.

The size is pretty well spot on, especially at table level. If you were going to get picky, you might think the buildings (or at least doors) may be a touch large.

The materials are fairly simply to paint but will either need an undercoat or multiple layers to ensure a consistent and solid colour.

Multiple layers of washes/ inks, or just watered down colour really let you bring out the details bit will take times. Alternatively, an undercoat and drybrush, or layer of paint, is quicker but then you have the issues of keeping the plastic window inserts clean.

The inserts themselves are not too tricky when assembling each wall individually, but I am not sure I would like to try and insert the plastic after construction is complete.

I went with a multilayer approach. My initial run was way too bright and glaring, a number of washes later and the colours have been toned down substantially. You can still see the yellow and fleshy/ brown used as the initial colours, but they look more like houses with some old paint on them now.


– I am happy with the faded yellow buildings, not so much with the brown building, but it does fit in.

– I had to spend a lot more layers than I expected and obscured some details, mainly around the window frames.

– The rooves came out well and contrast the building colours well.

All up, I maintain that this is a good set for an excellent price. It is of a medium difficulty to put together, but anyone with sufficient skills to assemble miniatures won’t experience any great hassles.

There is a lot more detail in the kit than can be readily apparent, so make sure you consider any extra time this may take.

If anyone would like any additional photos, please let me know and I’ll take some more. I’ll also try and answer any question about the painting.

Has anyone else experienced/ used these EWAR buildings in 15mm or 28mm? How did you find them?

Also, if you have any other terrain suggestions with regards to buildings, I would love to hear them.

15mm EWAR Buildings - View of the Row

View of the Row. All buildings sitting side by side. I have included a single 15mm figure and a 15mm Universal Carrier for size comparison.

15mm EWAR Buildings - Zoom left side

Zoom in of the first two buildings.

15mm EWAR Buildings - Zoom right side

Zoom in of the last two buildings, including the barber shop… 15mm miniatures for comparison.

15mm EWAR Buildings - Close up 1

Close up of the 15mm single figure in comparison to a door and window. The houses are raised, on a base, so any size discrepancy will appear accentuated. Otherwise they are pretty close.

15mm EWAR Buildings - Close Up 2

Close up with a look at the Universal Carrier now, again, seems to fit very well in size comparisons.


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