Terrain Review: 15mm General Store – Heljan 4

Terrain Review: 15mm General Store – Heljan

Hello Everyone,

Making terrain for Chain of Command and I stumbled on papercraft as a way to make cheap buildings in 15mm scale, until such time as we can slowly replace the papercraft with either plastic, mdf or resin buildings. I have been happily making buildings until I noticed Hobbyrama was having a sale so I decided to grab one of their HO scale Heljan buildings and see how it fit.

An HO scale plastic kit General Store. HO is close to the correct size for 15mm, but building scale can vary even within the HO scale. Heljan seem to have a good HO scale for 15mm miniatures. If you put it up next to a 15mm scale building the doorways may be a fraction too big, but nothing that would stop you from using them.

The kit was easy to put together and had a lot of inside window decorative options. The colours of the plastic were awful but nothing a quick spray and repaint couldn’t fix. The separate wall, window paneling, glass panes (plastic) and then the interior decoration give it a nice depth. The pieces themselves seem to fit fairly well, no issues getting it together. There was some flash on the interior of the window panes and some extrusion points at various places but nothing a quick clean up didn’t fix.

All up it was cheap on sale (like all things here in Australia they seem to be over-priced at full price), easy to construct but needed a coat of paint to make it look like a building.

I would happily pick up more Heljan buldings based on this.

Pictures below: You can see the 2nd story/ loft of the papercraft building is about the correct height of the 2nd story of the general store but the doors are a touch smaller. I think both would work fine on a table.

Heljan HO scale General Store with papercraft 15mm building for comparison

Heljan HO scale General Store with papercraft 15mm building for comparison.

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