15mm German late war vehicles

rp_chainofcommand.jpgThis week, 15mm German late war vehicles for Chain of Command.

Sorry for the sporadic posts to date, I  am having an issue with my hosting where pictures are not uploading properly. While I sort that out I have found a plug in that lets me display directly from Google Photos. So back to more consistent posts with luck!

Now to get on with it. The plan this year is to revamp the Villers-Bocage campaign and in aid of that I have put together some 15mm German late war vehicles from Panzer Lehr.

A Panther, StuG and halftrack from Panzer Lehr itself and a Tiger from the Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101.

The halftrack and StuG were from Zvezda and the other two from PSC. The PSC tanks are about twice the price of the Zvezda range and you can really tell with the dufference in detail. That being said Zvezda kits are great value for money and are a good way to get tanks on the table. At gaming distance, at 15mm, the difference isn’t anywhere near as noticeable.

I also notice Zvezda are or have released a new Panzer IV, Tiger and Sherman. I’ll pick up a couple and see how they look once they arrive in our distant shores.

Now, on the the tanks


15mm German late war vehicles

Panther from Panzer Lehr

15mm from Plastic soldier Company

15mm_LWG-5.jpg 15mm_LWG-6.jpg 15mm_LWG-7.jpg 15mm_LWG-8.jpg

StuG from Panzer Lehr

15mm from Zvezda

15mm_LWG-16.jpg 15mm_LWG-15.jpg 15mm_LWG-14.jpg 15mm_LWG-13.jpg

Halftrack from Panzer Lehr

15mm from Zvezda

15mm_LWG-3.jpg 15mm_LWG-4.jpg 15mm_LWG-1.jpg 15mm_LWG-2.jpg

Tiger from Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101

15mm from Plastic Soldier Company

15mm_LWG-9.jpg 15mm_LWG-10.jpg 15mm_LWG-11.jpg 15mm_LWG-12.jpg


So overall as you can see, the PSC vehicles are better overall, but are about twice the cost. Admittedly that is still pretty cheap at 15mm, but it is nice to know you have options. I think there is a place for both.

I forgot to add the unit markings on the vehicles, I’ll try and go back for that. I also just realised I forgot to add the final dullcoate, so they still look a bit glossy. Will be adding that soon.

I am looking forward to getting some of the new Zvezda Tigers and Panzer IV’s. I also have some Allied reinforcements, some Sherman’s and Cromwell’s.

How have you found your 15mm vehicles?


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