How to contact ‘playingtheodds’?

What is ‘playingtheodds’ all about?

A quick introduction to what happens here at ‘playingtheodds’.

I mostly cover content about gaming. Primarily this is wargaming, but includes role playing games, board games and card games. The range is extensive and covers many backgrounds and settings.

I mostly post content that will help other gamers and showcase the games we play.

The primary ways I do this is to review games, provide background material for games, and present after action reports/ battle reports.


Who am I?

I am Matt, and I post as UnhingedTangent.

Playing the Odds is my personal blog, used to promote my chosen hobbies and support gamers, including my local gaming group.

The local group is the ‘Monday Night Gamers’, of which there are 8 of us, played at one club members house. We meet weekly, strangely enough, on a Monday night. We have been gathering weekly now for close on 20 years. Combined we have an extensive and long history playing games and individually, each member has their own rich history. To top it off they are great people.

The aim of ‘playingtheodds’ was as a creative outlet for myself, made available to the group, to store information, engage a wider audience or just record our going on’s. This has now grown to allow me to interact with my gaming hobby, and its community, in many more ways.

Ultimately I, and the Monday Night Gamers, are a group of people who love to game. We are gamers and we want to share our hobbies with everyone else out there, present our opinions and have some great debates over products, rules and philosophies of gaming.

I hope you enjoy the site


We have a number of contributors to the site are:


Not as long in the tooth as Unhinged, but getting there. I have a particular penchant for board games, but will gladly get involved with RPG’s, war games and card games. I pack a bad attitude to poorly designed games with a vast amount of vitriol towards the business practices of one particular company who shall remain unnamed on this Glorious Weekday. I have a thing for creating house rules (that never get played) and have even devised a couple of entire RPG systems. I think min-maxing is for people with no life, and a game that allows such a thing to occur isn’t well designed.


I have been 40k obsessed since discovering the 2nd edition box-set in the back corner of a toy store circa 1996. I am interested in all areas of the “hobby” (painting, fluff and gaming) but my real enthusiasm comes from taking a mid tier army and making it soul crushingly cheesy. I like to paint, but my high functioning ADD means I am constantly distracted by other things in life (cars, rugby, girls) and don’t get as much time in as i would like to, so like most other gamers my unpainted pile of minis is FAR greater than my painted. I have recently got into Chain of Command and love the tight rule-set.


Greek Adonis is rarely an apt description for a man, and it certainly doesn’t describe SnortedCornChip. Chips came to the group fearful that he was the only one who walked the Earth harbouring a very dark-humored view of humanity. Thankfully, Chips found that such a disposition was prerequisite for entry into the ranks of the Monday Night Gamers. A self-confessed anchor on the group, Chips has never learnt a single rule for any boardgame, table top game or role playing game. Without fault he relies on those around him, most readily Luke, to direct him in the ways of written rules and guidance. Chips brings an unmistakable swagger to the Monday Night Gamers as he gets his 2 step on, with his turtle neck on.