Terrain: Battling in Bocage 4

Hi Everyone,

Trying my hand at making some bocage for the Chain of Command campaign (and 15mm gaming in general).

A far simpler process than I imagined (although a bit fiddly), with a simple material list and, what seems to be, good results.

Finished product (please ignore my dirty, paint splattered keyboard)

Finished product
(please ignore my dirty, paint splattered keyboard and slightly blurry picture)


Tongue depressor (or wide paddle pop sticks) – I sourced mine from Riot Art

Kebab skewers – pick them up from anywhere

Spakfilla – any type. I used a tube so I could squeeze it out

Lichen – I just used cheap hobby lichen

Stick – your choice. Generally outside.

Flock/ Grass (static grass) – you preference

SuperGlue/ Hot glue/ PVA or White glue

Undecoat/ Spray – your choice again



Cut lengths of skewer to rough length of the stick/ tongue depressor. I used 3 and made a stack with two on the bottom and one on the top. This is used to give some fill and lend some strength to the base.

Squeeze out some spakfilla to cover the foundation and make a ridge down the length of the stick. Smooth it out (I found a bit of water helps), into a shape that looks the part. Let this dry for a while (I left it overnight)

Break up the lichen and hot glue it onto the base in a pleasing pattern. Let it dry (30 seconds or so).

Spray the whole thing. I used a mix of grey and dark brown to give a mixed and darker look. This will be the underbrush so make sure it isn’t too light. Let it dry.

Now the fun part – flock it all! I use a 50/50 PVA and water mix, spread it on the area I want to hit up with flock and then flock it. I use a mix of Woodland Scenics Course Turf in the dark green and light green variety. As you can see with this step and the undercoat, I use a couple of colours for added depth.

Using the same mix, flock the base. Let it all dry.

Done! Probably a good idea to coat it with some protective spray (dull coat, hair spray, whatever you like)


Try adding bits and pieces for more depth and variation

Extra Pretties:

I also used some Woodland Scenics purple flowers to add a bit more depth and colour.

I grabbed an interesting twig from outside and drilled a hole in the base to fit it after I glued the lichen on. This adds some nice variety and changes things up. Add flock to the tree as well, same stuff as the lichen.

There is a ton of stuff you can add here to give variety to your pieces.

Enjoy and good luck in your bocage making.

(As always, please feel free to point out any thing that I missed, got wrong, can improve on or simply share ideas).

EDIT: I ended up taking some WIP shots of the next lot I made. You can find them here: https://playingtheodds.wordpress.com/2014/08/08/how-to-battling-in-bocage/

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