“Black Brigade”, Polish 10th Cavalry 2


Hi Everyone,

For an army list competition over on the TFL forums, I decided to follow the history of the Polish “Black Brigade”, the 10th Cavalry Brigade.

The competition is in the aim to help flesh out the some force lists for Chain of Command with something interesting, unique or a personal favourite. Of course the list needs to be as accurate as possible and grab the feel of the force as much as possible (however any idea is worthwhile and the great guys on the TFL forums will be more than willing to help flesh out a list). The “Black Brigade” fits all three for me and I took a decent amount of time looking for their OOB and any recounts of their actions and locations.

My references and help:

Invincible Black Brigade: Polish 10th cavalry brigade 1939″ by Jerzy Majka

The Polish Army 1939-45 published by Osprey Publishing

Various Internet Resources (I can provide sites if required/ requested)

Credit goes to the the existing CoC lists for ideas on support lists and details, as well as National Characteristics

– Polish Infantry 1939 force list

– France Infantry 1940 force list

– British Late War force list

This was a very engrossing investigation into a force I had only know a very little about but has got so much history. Time to buy some minis and make a force I think!

Please find the finished document below and feel free to let me know if I have something wrong or have forgotten something altogether. Also please feel free to ask any questions.

The Black Brigade

Thanks to PatG on the TFL forums for starting this off!


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