Campaign Paradiso Mission 101

INF_logo_cabeceraThis week the peacefulness of the verdant jungles of Paradiso were torn asunder. Factions of the Human Sphere, and creatures alien to this part of the galaxy, met and clashed to obtain the secrets that the planet was keeping.

Forces have met on Paradiso.

The struggle for the future is now.

After a lengthy delay, and a short mis-start, we are back on the trail of finding secrets on Paradiso. We are back playing the Infinity Campaign Paradiso missions with the original 4 players. The Human Sphere and Alien forces are well represented,  with the following forces:

ARIADNAAriadna (G$)


Combined Army (Troy)


Tohaa (Alex)


Yu Jing (Luke)

Prelude Missions can be found here:

Campaign Paradiso Mission 101

Planet Paradiso. Humans have detected faint signals with an unknown signature containing data structures with a non-human design emanating from no man’s land. The mission is to investigate and to recover as much information as possible.


Mission 101: Data Recovery

Frantically searching the ruins of Paradiso, enemy forces encounter each other. Squaring off for Round 1 (Mission 101) was:

Game 1: Combined Army v Tohaa

A classic matchup, the alien Combined Army being diverted to Paradiso by the Tohaa, hopefully to fall into a trap.

As the Tohaa Triads took there place, hoping to ambush the Combined Army advance, slow tremors started to shake the Earth. Looking to the forest edges, the Tohaa located the source, a mighty Combined Army Avatar.

The Tohaa looked at each other, dismay on their faces. This changed things completely.

A quick game, this was over before it really began. The Tohaa caught completely off guard by the ferocity of the CA assault, especially the Avatar, saw their right flank rolled up completely. As order were fed into the behemoth, more and more Tohaa fell to the Sepsitor and turned to face off against their former comrades.

By the end of the first turn, the last remaining Tohaa had seen enough and fled off the field.


  • Combined Army – 5
  • Tohaa – 0
Campaign Paradiso Mission 101 - CP-Mission101

The Combined Army Avatar cut a swathe through the Tohaa ranks, turning many against their old friends.

Game 2: Yu Jing v Ariadna

The Ariadna scouts detected the Yu Jing contingent as it made landfall. Old grudges die hard, the superpower could not be allowed to retrieve the data before the Araidna specialists.

With this data, the Ariadna faction could retrieve some of it’s fallen glory, and perhaps some power that would bring the superpowers to their knees.

Lasting a full 4 turns, this game was a real stalemate. With Ariadna snipers and camouflaged heavy weapons controlling the high points, the Yu Jing Advance Retrieval Force was pinned behind the hard cover of the village houses.

A little bit of cat and mouse saw some troops fall prey to long range shots by Turn 2. until then there was a lot of moving into position but very little advancing by either side.

In the end it was the inability of the Yu Jing troops to break cover, without falling to the Ariadna snipers, that saw them Retreat of the table, handing the Data over to the Ariadna force.


  • Ariadna – 5
  • Yu Jing – 0
Campaign Paradiso Mission 101 - CP-Mission101-3

The Araidna scout snipers found themselves some excellent cover from a second story vantage point. All the while the the Antipodean pack stealthily covered any enemy movement on the right flank.


The last remaining Yu Jing specialist, the Doc, decides it is better for the Advance Retrieval Force to fall back, recoup and trail the Ariadna operatives in a hope of regaining the data in the future.

Campaign Paradiso Mission 101 - CP-Mission101-4

It was all down to that guy there… As can be seen, this derelict and abandoned village used the river as its main water source. Still pristine, the jungles of Paradiso reclaim all.


End Mission Sequence:

At the end of the game we determined Experience (XP) and the matchups for Mission 102.

  • Both Combined Army and Ariadna received 5xp, while Yu Jing and Tohaa received none.
  • The Combined Army Spec Ops was given some upgrades – upgrade WIP and a EI Hacking Device – making it a much more valuable part of the force.
  • Ariadna have opted to increase the points available for each mission and taken +5 Army Points.
  • Both forces opted to save their left over XP for the future.

Mission 102 will see:

  • Combined Army v Ariadna
  • Yu Jing v Tohaa


It has been a long time between drinks. Pretty well everyone was a bit rusty and it showed through the games. I don;t think it will take too much to get back on track. So in these early days, losses like these won’t be too detrimental.

I’ll be looking through the Infinity forums for advice and suggestions on how to handle CP in the N3 rules, along with any house rules or changes people have made. I have heard that CP was fun but suffered greatly from imbalance and forces getting early XP boosts charging ahead (it can be hard to claw it back).

To that end I’ll be specifically targeting XP boosts for losing sides, to allow everyone to keep in touch with each other.

Have you played, or had thoughts, on Campaign Paradiso and how it plays? I would love to hear them.


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