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INF_logo_cabeceraIn an attempt to retrieve even more details of the Aliens, the race is on to unlock the their secrets.

Mission 101 saw Troy and G$ race off with the initial alien information and location. This means they would be facing off as they had the two highest points after Round 1. That left Luke and Alex to fight it out in the Jungles.

Mission 101 can be found here:

Campaign Paradiso Mission 102 – Activation  and Triangulation

Planet Paradiso. The information obtained in the previous scenario (Data Recovery) has allowed location of an ancient alien settlement, probably related to those who built the Cosmolites. Lost in the middle of the jungle, it seems that some alien Techno-devices have survived the ravages of time. If they are activated in the correct sequence they can provide more information, and possibly the location of a bigger alien settlement.
Campaign Paradiso Mission 102 - CP_Mission102-Map

Mission 102: Activation and Triangulation.



Game 1: Combined Army v Ariadna

The might of the Combined Army has been pitted against the tough Ariadna defenders.

Both sides opted to deploy in good areas with overarching lines of fire. They knew that being able to put pressure on the units trying to activate the beacons would be the key.

The one bonus both forces had is that they knew the activation sequence already, this would allow them a slight head start in completing the mission.

After a turn of exchanging gunfire, the hidden Araidna troops were in a good position. Feeling confident, they were starting to move into position to activate the consoles.

A slight lapse in judgement saw a critical error turn into an opportunity for the Combined Army.

Using a never before seen, special mind control technique, the CA Avatar convinced the Ariadna force to all but ignore it. It could do no harm! Once activated however, the Avatar become a walking Machine of Death. Unstoppable in it’s fury, the Ariadna commander looked up at its massive frame thinking, what have I done…

Like that, the Ariadna force was in disarray and retreated off the table.



  • Combined Army – 5
  • Ariadna – 2

CP_Mission102-1-3 CP_Mission102-1-2

Battle Areas. Combined Army Deployed on the left, Ariadna on the right.

Game 2: Yu Jing v Tohaa

Unlike the previous game, neither force had revealed the secrets of the Alien communique yet. These forces would need to start the mission by cracking the sequence, then activating the consoles.

Like the other battle going one, both opted to deploy in good areas with overarching lines of fire. Again, defending the consoles would be the key.

With the Tohaa setting up in the Triad fireteam formations, they were looking manoeuvrable, with heavy firepower. The Yu Jing contingent were hoping their heavy armour would be able to resist the Tohaa guns leaving their superior technology to win the day.

After taking good covering positions, the Yu Jing found a barrage of fire at every turn once they moved out of cover. After some initial casualties to the Tohaa, the Yu Jing were looking for a commanding position of the board.

Unfortunately the relentless pressure, firing lanes and maneuverability of the Tohaa Triads were quickly able to overcome the might of the Yu Jing heavy armour, and they were forced to leave the field of battle.


  • Tohaa – 5
  • Yu Jing – 0
CP_Mission102-1-1 CP_Mission102-1-5Battle Area. Yu Jing  Deployed on the left, Tohaa on the right.

End Mission Sequence:

At the end of the game we determined Experience (XP) and the matchups for Mission 103.

  • Combined Army and Tohaa received 5xp, Ariadna 2 while Yu Jing.
  • All forces are still determining what to spend XP on.

Current Standings

  • Combined Army 10
  • Ariadna 7
  • Tohaa 5
  • Yu Jing 0

Mission 103 will see (final 100 level mission):

  • Combined Army v Ariadna
  • Yu Jing v Tohaa


We felt Paradiso relies a little too much on specialists. We have agreed and made changes to the way specialists work. Any nominated specialist in a mission works as described. In addition ANY other model (non-nominated specialist or not) can still try to complete an objective. They do so with a -6 modifier though.

Still looking for ways to balance experience. By the end of the 100 Series missions it would be possible to have a gap of 15 experience points. That seems excessive to me, maybe to the point of being unrecoverable. Still looking for ways to counter this. To mind so far are:

  • Min 1 XP per mission
  • Losing player gets ½ the XP of the winner after each mission
  • At the end of each Mission Stream (100 level, 200 level etc), the player with the lowest XP gets to add half the gap between the themselves and the next highest on the table.

All suggestions there have their problems, I just need to find out which one has less.

Another option is to implement Campaign Paradudeso. This looks like a well thought out and received modification to the original campaign.

Have you played, or had thoughts, on Campaign Paradiso and how it plays? I would love to hear them.

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