Campaign Paradiso Mission 103

INF_logo_cabeceraThe cloaked alien life pod has been found! Who can extract the secrets first?

Mission 102 saw Troy and G$ again come away with top points overall and were able to first triangulate the location of the alien pod. This left Luke and Alex to play catch up and grab what they could from the pod.

Mission 102 can be found here:

Campaign Paradiso Mission 103 – Central Seizure

Planet Paradiso, final Battle of the First Chapter. Both factions have discovered the location of an unknown alien signal emitter and are racing to reach the target and take control of it. However, the bad weather of Paradiso has caused the break up and dispersion of their forces, which have been divided into two columns. These separated forces can see now the target, which seems to be a crashed alien ship with some kind of cloaking devices still active. They must break into the ship, deactivate any hostile systems and stabilize any relevant device they can find to ensure its safe transportation. Once stabilized, they must place a beacon that allows the extraction ships to divine its exact location despite the camouflage of the alien vessel, and to quickly arrive w it h reinforcements to extract the troops and the device. Who will be first to defeat the security system, stabilize the device and claim it as their property?

Campaign Paradiso Mission 103 - CP_Mission103-Map.jpg

Campaign Paradiso Mission 103 – Central Seizure

General Notes

In both games we rotated the board 90 degrees so that the consoles were closer to each sides deployment zones instead of being along the centre line. This made for a better game in the end as the Consoles were a fraction easier to claim but not so simple as to be meaningless. This helped progress the mission and made sure the objectives were obtainable.

One key change is the implementation of Campaign Paradudeso modifications. These changes really helped, especially the changes to deployment and specialists. The addition of the ‘concentrate’ Long Skill really made an impact and was received well by all players.

Interestingly enough, we set up the terrain for both games in a near identical manner. This led to a very, very similar set of games. Both sides pushed up to the centre building (which had unlimited height) and used it for cover. The surrounding terrain was used to keep units safe and provide overlooking firelanes to stop the movement of troops. All forces were able to access the R.A.S. Consoles but it seemed the force that could get to the centre building first was able to make the most headway, with their opponent taking a lot of orders trying to stop them.

The Results of Mission 103:

  • Combined Army 7 v Ariadna 3
  • Tohaa 7 v Yu Jing 2

This left us with a combined table score as follows for the 100 Level Missions









The Combined Army were able to make the most of their initial successes in the jungles of Paradiso, racing to triangulate the crashed pod location, they quickly arrived on the scene and extracted what information they could. All the other forces were left picking over the scraps!

Unfortunately I am very short on photos for this set of games, but here are a couple: (technical issues are occuring with picture uploads at the moment, I’ll upload them as soon as possible).

CPMission103b.jpg.jpg CPMission103a.jpg.jpg


With the 100 series mission now completed, there seems to be a big gap in experience between a few of the forces. Again I’ll be modifying all the missions in the future for use with Paradudeso, that worked very well. Additionally I’ll look at implementing the changes made to experience in that document for the future missions.

The final mission, 103, was quite good. There was a lot of decisions to be made in the game, with a lot of objectives. Players needed to be focused and sure of their moves. The other two missions were probably just on the okay side.

We are looking forward to continuing the battle and will start the 200 level missions as soon as we can organise all the players.

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