Cane Toad Cup 2012 2

Cane Toad Cup 2012

Cane Toad Cup 2012 was a 2 day tournament held in Logan City. Days were a 9am start and a 5pm (roughly) finish. 3 games were scheduled per day. Full details on the event and how teams were to be organised can be found at the CTC 2012 Rules section.

Custom Designed Board for CTC 2012.

Cane Toad Cup 2012 (CTC) signalled my return to the tournament scene after a self imposed hiatus of about 6 years. To say I was nervous would be correct, but I was also very apprehensive. I wasn’t sure I was ready for the long days, I wasn’t sure I was ready to interact in a tournament situation. The push to attend was really driven for a couple of reasons:

1) To support Kojihama (the Tournament Organiser (TO) of CTC). As the inaugural year of  CTC, I wanted to help out as much as I could. Being a TO many years a go, I remember the hardest years were often the earliest ones. Kojihama was there to help and support me, the least I could do was return the favour.

2) To have great weekend with Scumcleaner and Luke. Tournament weekends really are an excellent weekend away. Full of fun times, bad food and copious amounts of caffeine. We also can’t forget the ubiquitous Tournament Dinner!

So rallying together we set off to CTC 2012!!

CTC was held on location at Irresistible Force, a games shop in Tanah Merah, containing a shop front with an adjoining gaming room.

I’ll keep it brief otherwise it would be a massive article, however the short of it was that i had a fantastic weekend, with quality players. I could not have asked for a better return to tournaments.

Over the course of the weekend I played all 6 games and came away with 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses. I was playing an Ork team as follows:

– 2 Black Orks with Guard

– 3 Blitzers – 1 each with Strip Ball, Tackle and Mighty Blow

– 2 Throwers – 1 with starting skills, the other adding Accurate Pass and Hail Mary Pass

– 2 Goblins – 1 with starting skills, the other with Catch, Diving Catch, Leap and +1 Agility

(This super goblin goes by the name of Stabby Toebleed and was the teams Star Player. If you ever need to know anything about Stabby, ask Luke.)

– 4 Lineman – all stock, no skills.

By all accounts a soft team (well as soft as Orcs can get, they are still ridiculously hard to damage) but chosen specifically to give a different type of game and so that i could have fun with them.

Another awesome paint job brought to you by Scumcleaner

During my weekends travels I encountered:

Day 1, Game 1 – Professional Elves – we ended up 1 all DRAW. Bloody elves know how to escape from anything and score from anywhere!

(Unfortunately I forgot to get any photos of the first game. I am kicking myself now.)

Day 1, Game 2 – Norse – a 1 – 0 LOSS, was close for a while but couldn’t keep up the pace

Norse are all over the Orcs, as we pushed for a TD.

Day 1, Game 3 – Lizardmen – another 1 all DRAW. Funnily enough my opponent was Luke. We had a fun game like we usually do. No pressure just rolling dice. Luke’s animosity towards Stabby Toebleed reached new heights in this game, spurred on by Stabby’s 1 TD and a near 2nd, coming from nowhere.

I think you can all guess Luke’s hand actions in this shot. A response to Stabby Toebleed.
Luke also scratch built this amazing BB table.

Day 2, Game 1 – Halflings – SMASHED, I think it was a 4 – 1 LOSS. Halflings left me with 2 Orcs on the field. Yes, HALFLING not Treemen. Little bugger had Dauntless and Frenzy and something else and smash me around the board. Embarrassing but awesome to see.

You’d think it would be the trees smashing me around but no, it was the little bugger in the middle, or one of his mates.

Day 2, Game 2 – Chaos Dwarves – A close 2 – 1 LOSS here from memory. It was a tough game for the Orcs as we were pushed around the park.

Smurf themed Chaos Dwarves. The squig hoppers were Centaurs.
It made me want to smash them even more than what is considered normal for Orcs!

Day 2, Game 3 – Dark Elves – A WIN. Finally! 2 – 1 in my favour. I feel a little strange after this game. I believe this win did the following things:

1) Took me off the bottom of the table

2) Pushed my opponent to last place

3) Gave Scumcleaner the 2nd last place prize!

This team was also named Best Painted as voted by the players. It was an excellent paint job as can be seen below.

The Dark Elf team in all it’s glory.

Focusing on the Wytch Elves. DarkEldar parts were used for this team.

As a side, I think I managed to form an almost perfect cage/ pocket for a long part of this drive.

The rules pack was great. Not once did I feel as if a game was out of reach (other than my lack of playing ability). The inclusions really evened out the field in my belief. I also think that was proved by the spread of teams and in which teams were placed.

I learned a LOT from my opponents. they were all knowledgeable about the game and I took away a few solid tactics and skill combinations.

I also want to take the time to say I was truly surprised by class of the players there. As a new player, they went above and beyond to help, whether it was rules reminders or even suggestions, no matter if this would have caused them grief or not, or whether it would have cost them a score or not. I haven’t seen anything like it before. That is the sort of thing that will make me come back to a tourney.

I DID remember the fatigue that sets in after 7 – 8 hours of gaming, the sugar rushes and headaches, but after the dust has cleared and the sugar levels even out it is a small sacrifice to make for an enjoyable weekend.

In the end, after all games were done, I think all 3 of us placed in the bottom half but we all had a great time. I would like to thank Koji and all my opponents. You all made the experience enjoyable. Oh and one last thing, I’m back!

As for Stabby Toe-bleed – he’ll be in EVERY game – I’ll find a way.

Essential CTC 2012 Links:

CTC Website (with PICTURES!):

CTC Forum on WargamerAU:

2nd Place Prize – Painted Chaos Team:

I have a couple of poorly photographed pictures of the prize teams:

A bad pic of the Kroxigor, part of the Slann prize team.

Another prize: A Slann team. Painted in Queensland Rugby League State of Origin colours. Unfortunately it was won by someone in New South Wales!

Another Shot: Clown Suit Goblins

One of the raffle teams: Clown Suit Goblins

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2 thoughts on “Cane Toad Cup 2012

  • Kin

    hey Matt,

    Glad to see you had fun at CTC!!! From a TO’s perspective I think CTC really hit it off with a bang in 2012 and I have high hopes to get more than 30 players next year. I had quite a lot of positive feedback about the tournament from all the players especially around the players pack. People loved the idea of being able to stack more than one skill per player. Most Blood Bowl tournaments lean to a progression or “Base Gold” regeneration style. I guess what this pack had is the final outcome of a progression (taken further) and regeneration all in one. When I saw this pack I was immediately drawn to it. I can’t take any credit for the pack at all as it was devised by another TO from the UK who uses it for his own tournaments. However, after obtaining permissions, I gladly stole the idea and tweaked the tiers and away we went. It was a huge win.

    The hard work the organising committee put into the tournament beforehand really made sure that everyone walked away with something. The players pack was well received with the dice, toad miniature, commemorative bottle cap, the glass and other paraphenalia.

    Operationally there were a few things that went awry. It’s been awhile since i’ve run a tournament and I had issues with the scoring system (I figured most things out by the end of the tournament) and generally processing people for sign-on. A few small tid-bits will help improve it next year, but I think what we’ve done this year has been massive. I think towards the end things were running smoothly.

    Anyway, thanks for coming Matt! Hope to see you there again next year.

    Cheers, Kin