Chain of Command

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 6 Attack on an Objective (here we make our stand): It was times like these Sgt Hardball missed his friend the most. Lt Falgard, had been lost since the beginning of the campaign and, now more than ever, he missed Uriah’s calmness and keen eye of the […]

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 6

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 5 Attack and Defend (wherein we play cat and mouse): Pulling back quickly after overstretching previously, the Sergeant Hardball decided to retire to the most defensible position available; the outskirts of Villers-Bocage itself. With the defenders set, all eyes were on the roads and fields waiting for […]

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 5

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 4 Flank Attack (the best laid plans): The Germans pulled back from the advancing British after losing the core of their platoon. Villers-Bocage was finally secured and turning into a stable launching platform to take Point 213. Wasting no time, the British pressured the German withdrawal moving […]

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 4

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Mission 3 Delaying Action (where catastrophe occurs): After beating back the British probe the German forces felt a little under strength. Deciding to move back to Villers-Bocage itself, and resetting the defensive line, the Germans took control of the outskirts of town and waited… — Chain of […]

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Mission 3