Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars: Hurricane Season Campaign Mission 1: Battle of the Storms An Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet traversing Cape Horn is attacked by a Covenant of Antarctica force during foul weather conditions. The  Covenant of Antarctica’s simple plan is to delay the Empire of the Blazing Sun attack on the Falkland Islands in a bid to countermine their […]

Dystopian Wars: Hurricane Season Mission One

Review: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Supplement) Product: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Campaign Book) Company: Spartan Games In their first expansion book for Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games has really gone the ‘whole hog’. A product that is a very tidy package with a lot of good content. The book is hardcover […]

Review: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Supplement)

Dystopian Woes So I played Unhinged at Dystopian Wars last night (770 points each). I was packing a barely warm Empire of the Blazing Sun force and he had a smoking hot Covenant of Antarctica collection of models. Empire: Battleship with attached Fighter CAP Two Scout Gyros Two of those […]

Dystopian Woes