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Things are still pretty flat out here. Unfortunately that has blown out the timeframe on a few projects, snowballing to time constraints on a post for this week. Where are we up to? Campaign Paradiso: The Campaign has been put on hold, as one of our players is on holidays. […]

Busy Week

Hi Everyone, Sorry it is a short update this week. With some construction going on at home, I haven’t been able to commit the time I would like to a blog post this week. This should be rectified soon, as both construction and ongoing projects begin to come to conclusion, […]

‘In the Works’ Weekly Update

Plotbuilder Cards by MN-Games Luke over at MN-Games has started the Kickstarter for the Plotbuilder Cards (Rebooted). Taken from the Plotbuilder Cards Kickstarter project page (used with permission from MN-Games) Plotbuilder is designed to help you create story arcs for any purpose, whether you’re a role player, a writer, into […]

Plotbuilder Cards project

Hi Everyone,, Thanks for your patience, the host migration is now complete. All content, subscribers, pictures and links should still be functioning. I have encountered no issues so far. The only thing I have unfortunately lost are post ‘likes’, this is disappointing but I have yet to find a way […]

Host Migration complete

A little bit of introspection today. As a gaming group we still primarily play Warhammer 40k (house ruled). Slowly over the months we have spread out and started playing other games, to the point that 40k is not a given on any game night, but it is still the primary fallback option. We have a decent collection of miniatures and experience in other systems,including the following great games, Dropzone Commander, Dystopian Wars, Chain of Command, In Her Majesty’s Name and a more recent addition of Sword & Spear. Recently we have just finished a great Chain of Command campaign, and are looking for the right start point for the Dystopian Wars campaign, Hurricane Season. All up some excellent gaming options.

Monday Night Gaming

Hi Everyone, I'm spreading out a bit and you can now find PlayingtheOdds on Facebook and Twitter, to make it a bit easier and convenient for people. I also want to experiment/ play around with sending in game pics to the Twitter or Facebook feeds. (this site)

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