The latest Campaign Module for Chain of Command has now been released. Crossroads Closing the Gap Campaign Module This campaign module presents a World War 2 Mini-Campaign detailing the actions of the 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade at the Battle of Saint-Lambert-sur-Dives, and their efforts in closing the ‘Falaise Gap’. Crossroads focuses […]

Crossroads Closing the Gap Campaign

Product: Sword & Spear Company: Polkovnik Productions Review: Sword & Spear is a wargame rules set for ancient and medieval (large scale) battles. To quite the Polkovnic Productions page, Sword & Spear is a big battle ancient and medieval wargame. Sword & Spear is a flexible rules system allowing battles to be staged from a multitude of time periods, using various scale miniatures. The Sword & Spear support and forums are quite active, with rules questions being answered in a timely manner. There is a large range of army lists ready to be used, all provided for free, with an additional point calculator to help design your own armies.

Sword & Spear Review

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 6 Attack on an Objective (here we make our stand): It was times like these Sgt Hardball missed his friend the most. Lt Falgard, had been lost since the beginning of the campaign and, now more than ever, he missed Uriah’s calmness and keen eye of the […]

CoC: Villers-Bocage Campaign Encounter 6