A little bit of introspection today. As a gaming group we still primarily play Warhammer 40k (house ruled). Slowly over the months we have spread out and started playing other games, to the point that 40k is not a given on any game night, but it is still the primary fallback option. We have a decent collection of miniatures and experience in other systems,including the following great games, Dropzone Commander, Dystopian Wars, Chain of Command, In Her Majesty’s Name and a more recent addition of Sword & Spear. Recently we have just finished a great Chain of Command campaign, and are looking for the right start point for the Dystopian Wars campaign, Hurricane Season. All up some excellent gaming options.

Monday Night Gaming

Product: Sword & Spear Company: Polkovnik Productions Review: Sword & Spear is a wargame rules set for ancient and medieval (large scale) battles. To quite the Polkovnic Productions page, Sword & Spear is a big battle ancient and medieval wargame. Sword & Spear is a flexible rules system allowing battles to be staged from a multitude of time periods, using various scale miniatures. The Sword & Spear support and forums are quite active, with rules questions being answered in a timely manner. There is a large range of army lists ready to be used, all provided for free, with an additional point calculator to help design your own armies.

Sword & Spear Review

Review: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Supplement) Product: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Campaign Book) Company: Spartan Games In their first expansion book for Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games has really gone the ‘whole hog’. A product that is a very tidy package with a lot of good content. The book is hardcover […]

Review: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Supplement)

Cane Toad Cup 2012 Cane Toad Cup 2012 was a 2 day tournament held in Logan City. Days were a 9am start and a 5pm (roughly) finish. 3 games were scheduled per day. Full details on the event and how teams were to be organised can be found at […]

Cane Toad Cup 2012