Plotbuilder Cards by MN-Games Luke over at MN-Games has started the Kickstarter for the Plotbuilder Cards (Rebooted). Taken from the Plotbuilder Cards Kickstarter project page (used with permission from MN-Games) Plotbuilder is designed to help you create story arcs for any purpose, whether you’re a role player, a writer, into […]

Plotbuilder Cards project

Blackneto (Rifts/ Heroes and Superspies RPG: Super Hero OCC) Style Master. Master Metal Manipulator. D-Team, Minitaka Rangers. Dossier Blackneto doesnt remember much of his childhood. His earliest memory was being called ‘Whacka’, the name given to him by the Pity-de’fools who raised him. The de’fools were a very wealthy family […]

Characterisation: Blackneto

Rifts (19/06/2012) – TPK Edition What is TPK you ask? Read on my friends, and find out. Life is all about choices and decisions. This applies to real life as well as ‘character life’ inside of games. Everything you do has an impact, no matter the decision. For some the […]

Wednesday Wrap Up (19/06/2012) – TPK Edition

G$linger (Rifts RPG: Wired Gunslinger OCC) Brings the guns. D-Team, Minitaka Rangers.   Dossier I have no synopsis, anyone who has sat down in a room to record the details of my past  was killed as they took out their recorder/ pad/ whatever, as I thought they were drawing on […]

Characterisation: G$linger

Tibor (Rifts RPG: Tattoo Man RCC) Newest Recruit of the D-Team, Minitaka Rangers. Dossier Tibor is 6’6” tall with very dark olive skin. He is about 42 years of age is well travelled being the bodyguard for emissaries and diplomats all over Atlantis. Tobor’s latest Diplomat charge was a dark […]

Characterisation: Tibor

Luc Drapeau-Blanc (Rifts RPG: S.A.M.A.S. Pilot OCC) Leader of the D-Team, Minitaka Rangers. Dossier His parents died in a freak accident involving whey powder and rabbits when he was only a few days old, and he was taken in as an orphan by a French couple who ended up renaming […]

Characterisation: Luc Drapeau-Blanc

RIFTS – 5/06/2012 Our rifts sessions are really hard to describe. Some of the most incredible things are done, or actions thought of. I don’t know where these ideas come from or how they spawn and I definitely don’t know how they go from idea to plan of action, but […]

Wednesday Wrap Up (5/06/2012)

RIFTS – 22/5/2012 Ah Rifts, if there was a gaming system that embraced crossovers more, then I don’t know what it is. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Rifts is a post-apocalyptic RPG system. The world is all but destroyed and with that destruction came… […]

Wednesday Wrap Up (23/05/2012) – Update

Evening Gamers, Welcome to Wednesday Wrap Up, a weekly column outlining the goings on of our gaming groups Tuesday Nights Game session. This week we had are ongoing RIFTS campaign: I am going to try something with the site and try and dedicate a page to the weekly columns, linking […]

Wednesday Wrap Up (23/05/2012)