The sweeping hills of the Matluk Province had been quiet for years after the Tau exploration force had visited. Their new masters kept talking about some Greater Good, however to the workers in the mining district it made little change to their days. That all changed recently however. The Imperium […]

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report – Ultramarines v Tau

Recently it was my wife’s birthday. Aware that one of her favourite poems is “Jabberwocky”, by Lewis Carroll, I was quite excited to find a 15mm version of the Jabberwock by 15mm.co.uk. I was pretty sure I could do something neat with this miniature, so onto the order sheet it […]

Jabberwocky Diorama

We are now at Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 3. Erntzeit and the Autmn Equinox has now gone and we are mid way through the first week of Brauzeit. The raids are become more fierce as warband salvage what they can before the winter months. With the Outsiders […]

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 3