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In aid of helping see the flow of the game I have stepped out a more detailed Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report.

This report will be a little more technical (and possibly more dry) than usual as I am trying to really highlight which mechanics are used for which areas of the game. I am hoping this will also show people how it all meshes together.

The rules we used here were completely from the CoC40k document, we came up with some questions at the end and some thoughts for improvements.

As a reminder:


Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report

Our first test game was played between a Chaos Army from the Crimson Slaughter supplement and a standard Tau army from the Tau Codex. The forces were all selected as normal for 40k, following 40k army building rules.

Both Armies were built to 1000 points.

The mission played was Patrol from the Chain of Command rulebook.


CHAOS WARRIORS – 1000 points – Crimson Slaughter – Kranon’s Helguard

  • HQ – ‘Kranon’ – Chaos Lord: Frag, Krak and Blight Grenades; Power Armour; Mark of Nurgle; Power Sword (x1); Sigil of Corruption; Plasma
    Pistol (x1); Daemonheart; Champion of Chaos; Fear; Fearless; Independent Character; It Will Not Die; Warlord
  • TROOPS – Chaos Cultists (x10) – Chaos Champion and 9 cultists. Infantry; Improvised Armour; Autopistol (x8); Close Combat Weapon (x9); Flamer (x1); Fear
  • TROOPS – Chaos Cultists (x10) – Chaos Champion and 9 cultists. Infantry; Improvised Armour; Autopistol (x8); Close Combat Weapon (x9); Flamer (x1); Fear
  • ELITES – Draznicht’s Ravagers (x5) – Chaos Chosen. Infantry; Frag & Krak Grenades; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol (x4); Close Combat Weapon (x4); Flamer (x1); Meltagun (x1); Plasma gun (x2); Draznicht’s Ravagers; Fear
  • ELITES – Chaos Terminators (x3) – Infantry; Terminator Armour; Combi-Boltgun (x2); Chainfist (x1); Lightning Claw (x1); Bulky; Fear
  • FAST ATTACK – Chaos Raptors (x5) – Jump Units; Frag and Krak Grenades; Jump Pack; Power Armour; Bolt Pistol (x4); Close Combat Weapon (x4); Flamer (x1); Meltagun (x1); Bulky; Deep Strike; Fear
  • HEAVY SUPPORT – Chaos Land Raider – Vehicle (Tank, Transport); 10 model capacity; Searchlight; Smoke Launchers; Dirge Caster; Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter; Twin-linked Lascannons (pair); Assault Vehicle
  • HEAVY SUPPORT – Helbrute – Vehicle (Walker); Multi-melta; Power Fist; Crazed; Fear; Hammer of Wrath

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k-Chaos List

TAU CADRE– 1000 points

  • HQ – Ethereal – Honour Blade
  • TROOPS – Strike Team (x12) – Shas’ui and 11 Firewarriors; Pulse Rifles
  • TROOPS – Strike Team (x12) – Shas’ui and 11 Firewarriors; Pulse Rifles
  • ELITES – Crisis Team (x3) –  Shas’vre and 2 Crisis suits; Plasma Rifle/Missile Pod/Target Lock
  • ELITES – Stealth Squad (x6) – Shas’vre and 5 Stealth suits; Burst Cannon
  • FAST ATTACK – Tetra Scout Speeder – Vehicle (Skimmer), Pulse Rifle, Markerlight, Target Lock
  • HEAVY SUPPORT – Broadside Team – Shas’vre and 2 Shield Drones, Heavy Rail Rifle/Smart Missile System/Target Lock

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k-Tau List


Players were given sides and the starting quadrant was determined as per the Patrol mission in the CoC rulebook. Patrol Markers were started at Entry Area 1.

A dice was rolled to see who would begin the Patrol Phase (not exactly how it is supposed to be done but I forgot about Force Moral at that time). Tau won the roll, chose 4 Patrol Markers, and began Patrolling. Chaos, in turn, selected 3 Patrol Markers. This led the Tau patrol to be more spread out while the chaos patrol was able to push deeper into enemy territory.

Deployment of Jump Off Points (JOP) ended as per the picture below (Tau are black circular markers at the top, Chaos the white square markers at the bottom):

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Deployment

Both players rolled for Force Morale

  • Chaos rolled 6 for a Force Moral of 11
  • Tau rolled 6 for a Force Morale of 11

The tie break roll off was won by Chaos who would have the first Phase of the game.

For simplicity it was presumed that both sides had the equivalent of an Adjutant to allow units to deploy without any problems.


Chaos Phase 1

Command Dice were rolled, with Tau having next phase, one 5 was rolled accruing 1 Chain of Command PIP

The Raptors were activated as a team (activation dice of 1) and deployed to the right flank in the woods, within 6″ of the Chaos Jump Off Point.

The Land Raider, transporting the Chosen with attached Chaos Lord, was brought on. It arrived on the friendly table edge as there were no roads in play. (This was considered to be one unit and was activated on a 4). The Chaos Lord issued two orders (used 2 command initiatives) to put the right sponson Lascannon and forward Heavy Bolters on Overwatch.

Tau Phase 1

Command Dice were rolled, with Chaos having next phase.

The broadside was deployed from the central Tau JOP, behind a ruin, to cover the raptors (activated on a 3).

The Stealth Suit team was activated on a 3 and deployed from the right Tau JOP into the cover of the ruins. The Stealth suits were able to deploy 12″ from the JOP as they have the Infiltrate 40k special rule. The Junior Leader of the squad used his 2 command initiatives to place both Stealth Suit teams on overwatch.
Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_1_Combined




Chaos Phase 2

Command Dice were rolled, with Tau having next phase, two 5’s was rolled accruing 2 more Chain of Command PIP’s.

Both cultist squads were deployed on an activation dice of 2. One squad deployed from the central Chaos JOP and kept to cover.

The second Cultist squad deployed from the left JOP, into the cover of the woods. The squad decided to fire at the Tau Stealth Suits after deploying, giving the Tau a chance to open fire first from Overwatch. The Tau shot with their Burst Cannons killing 4 cultists and the Champion (Junior Leader). A Leadership test was made for the Cultists but they were filled with heroic (chaotic?) morale and rolled a double 1 (massive success). A roll was made on the ‘Bad Things Happen’ chart for the loss of the Junior Leader causing the Chaos Force Morale to drop by 1.

Some notes on the above sequence (while it takes a long time to write out and possible read, the sequence below was very quick and not much different in time compared to resolving combat in either CoC or 40k):

  • The Stealth Suit details were determined using their 40k unit entries. CoC40k uses 40k weapon and unit stats, so determines how weapon type and shots, strength and AP. The Ballistic Skill (BS) of the suits was also determined by their Codex entry. In this case Stealth Suits are BS3, so hit on 4+.
  • Any hits were checked for wounds. 40k weapon Strength against the Toughness stat of the Cultists, from the 40k unit entry.
  • Successful wounds were then saved against the Cultists armour as per the 40k Codex entry. In this case their armour was negated by the AP of the Burst Cannons, so they had to use the cover save of the woods. This is also as per 40k, with woods giving a 5+ cover save.
  • Casualties were taken, and a d6 rolled to see if the Cultist junior leader was hit. This is as per CoC and it turns out the leader did take a hit. He failed his cover saved and died. CoC40k only uses the d6 to see if a leader is a target, the resolution is as per 40k.
  • The 40k rules of ‘Look Out Sir’ was re-implemented after this as a way to help protect leaders, but still allow them to become targets.
  • Once casualties were removed, the conditions were met for the squad to take a Leadership/ Morale check (squad took 25% casualties in the shooting phase). This was rolled as per 40k and the squads 40k unit entry was used for their Leadership value. In this case the Cultists have Ld6, so a double 1 passed the roll.
  • Finally a roll on the CoC ‘Bad Things Happen’ chart was made to see what affect losing a Junior Leader had to the Forces Morale.
  • The return fire from the Cultists followed the same procedure, with the Stealth Suits making all their armour and cover saves and taking no wounds.
  • The Cultists had a flamer. This followed 40k mechanics and used the 40k flamer template to select targets.

The Chaos Terminators were deployed on an activation roll of a 1, from the left Chaos JOP. They were out of line of sight for any firing.

Tau Phase 2

Command Dice were rolled, with Chaos having next phase, two 5’s was rolled accruing 2 Chain of Command PIP’s.

The Tau took a cautious approach, not wanting to over commit, and waiting to see where the Chaos Cultists and remaining troops would go. The most immediate threat was the the Chaos Terminators who were close to the Tau JOP . The Stealth Suits fired at the Terminators but to no effect, the thick Terminator armour was too strong.

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_2_Combined


Chaos Phase 3

Command Dice were rolled, with Tau having next phase, another 5 rolled accruing 1 more Chain of Command PIP.

Activating on a 1, the Terminators moved ‘At the Double’ (rolling 3d6 for movement), this led them to within 4″ of the Stealth Suits allowing the Terminators to engage in Close Combat. The deadly Terminator close combat weapons and thick armour made for a quick melee. All 5 stealth suits were accounted for. Rolls were made for the loss of a team by the Tau for a loss of 2 Force Morale.

  • Like shooting, the weapons, unit profiles, number of attacks, to hit numbers and armour saves are all taken from Warhammer 40k.
  • The side moving counts as charging, and gains the extra attacks for the charge
  • After the combat is resolved, the CoC Close Combat table is referenced with regards to how much a unit lost by. The results would then be put into effect with any shock given adding a -1 penalty to the losing sides Morale Check. In this case though the Stealth Suits were wiped out.

The Raptor team activated on a 1 and, using their jump packs, moved ‘At the Double’ (3d6 movement + 3″ per dice rolled) for a total of 19″ settling in the ruins of the building.

The helbrute was deployed on a 3, walking on the table to reinforce the Chaos right flank. Again there were no roads in play so the deployment area could be anywhere along the friendly board edge.

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_3_Combined



Tau Phase 3

A double 6 was rolled with the command dice, this gave Tau the next phase as well. A 5 was rolled adding 1 CoC PIP to the tally. Unfortunately this only left a couple dice for activations!

A Firewarrior Strike Squad was deployed on the Tau left flank to counter the raptors and opened fire on them.  Measuring range, some Firewarriors were at short range (30″) others were at effective range (over 30″) so had a -1 to hit. The resulting fire was devastating though and the raptor squad was forced for fall back. They promptly broke and routed off the table (with a 2d6+9″ rout move, the extra distance coming from the jump packs). This forced a roll on the bad things happen table for a broken team.

  • For weapons other than pistols and assault weapons, the 40k weapon range counts as the weapons short range. Anything over that range counts as effective and accrues a -1 penalty to hit.
  • The Raptors were forced to make a morale check as they lost 25% of their unit. This is using standard 40k rules. In this case the Raptors failed and fell back as per CoC rules. the extra 3″ is due to the unit having jump packs (i.e. Jump Packs add a 3″ bonus move in the movement phase).
  • The raptors fell back far enough to exit the table in this case. If they had remained on the board, they would have been broken (as per the CoC rules).
  • Rolls were made on ‘Bad Things Happen’ for both breaking and then subsequently falling off the table (being destroyed)

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_4_Combined


Tau Phase 4

Command Dice were rolled, with Chaos having next phase, another 5 rolled accruing 1 more Chain of Command PIP.

The firewarrior squad that had just destroyed the Raptors made a normal move (2d6) closer to a Chaos JOP,

A second firewarrior squad was deployed on the Tau right flank to help deal with the terminators. They deployed on a 3 and then fired a close range volley at the Chaos Terminators. Even though 24 shots were fired, the tough terminator armour shrugged it off.

To help reinforce the Firewarriors on the right, the Crisis suits were deployed via deep strike. The subsequent 2d6 roll saw them deploy  within 3″ of the terminators initiating close combat. The Crisis team was wiped out at their point of drop.

Rolls were made on the Force Morale table for a team and Junior Leader destroyed.

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_5_Combined


Chaos Phase 4

Command Dice were rolled, with Tau having next phase, two 5’s was rolled accruing 2 more Chain of Command PIP’s. This gave the Chaos force a full Chain of Command dice to be used.

Activating on a 1, the Terminators moved ‘At the Double’ (rolling 3d6) and engaged with the firewarrior squad in close combat. Combat was resolved and once more the Terminators were unscathed whilst claiming a number of Tau firewarriors as trophies. The firewarrior team was forced back 6″ causing them to exit the table. The terminators moved up to occupy the position held by the Firewarriors. Rolls were made on the Force Morale table for the Tau unit breaking and then subsequently losing a squad and a junior leader.

  • Close Combat was resolved in a similar manner to the one before.
  • This time there was a resolution to the combat. Referencing the CoC close combat table we could see the result was the losing team was thrown back 6″. This caused them to forced off the table. If they had remained on the table they would now be rolling Morale to see if they had become broken.

Kranon activated on a 4 and ordered the Land Raider forward and gunner to open fire on the Firewarrior squad to their right. The right sponson Lascannon and forward Heavy Bolter shot wide

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_6_Combined



Tau Phase 5

Command Dice were rolled, with Chaos having next phase.

Realising there was little that could be done about the Land Raider, efforts were concentrated on the Terminators. Tau Force Morale was dangerously low by this stage so the Broadside activated on a 1 and opened fire at the Chaos Terminators, trying to save their JOP. The heavier fire was more successful and 1 Terminator was killed during the fire. A morale check was made and the Terminators held firm.

Chaos Turn 5

The Chaos Force realised that if they could capture the Tau JOP they could win the game, so the Chain of Command dice was used to force the end of Turn after the current phase had ended.

Command Dice were rolled, with Tau having next phase.

Activating on a 3, the Terminators made a Normal Move (2d6) to stand on the Tau JOP. No other activations were taken causing the end of Turn.

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_7_Combined

The CoC End Turn sequence was followed causing the Tau JOP to be captured and forcing a ‘Bad Things Happen’ roll for the Tau. This caused them to lose 1 more Force Morale.

This was the final blow to the Tau whose FM moved down to 3.


Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report - CoC40k_ChaosvTau_Turn_7_Placeholder



Post Game Details and Thoughts

The game was called at this stage, as the Tau withdrew leaving Chaos to hold the field. We played a few more phases so players could get the hang of the Land Raider/ vehicle move and fire.

Vehicles would operate under a similar concept to infantry. They use the 40k armour, weapon mechanics overlayed on top of the CoC framework. At this stage vehicles also use the 40k hull point/ armour penetration tables as well, not the CoC vehicle hit table.

Both players seemed to enjoy the game and it brought up some good solid discussion over the next few days. There is still some streamlining to do and refinement of rules. We also intend to run some more playtests.

A big thanks to Luke and Ash for playtesting!

Apologies for not having specific recording of the Command dice rolled per turn, it was lost in amongst taking pictures and assisting with the game. I’ll try and make note in future games.

A couple of notes that I made of some things that need to be looked at:

  • Implementation of some sort of shock system. Shock is integral to CoC, not applicable to 40k at all, so I think a half way point would work well for CoC40k. I plan to test this next game.
  • 40k Dangerous terrain checks. These weren;t included but I think they should be added. Makes jump packing in woods about as dangerous as it should be.
  • Deploying units in a transport or multiple groups together. I need to reread the deployment rules for units with a transport in CoC and tidy up how it happens in CoC40k. I think the deployment of the Senior Leader and Squad in an APC was incorrect. More research required.
  • 40k Look Out Sir rule. Initially we didn’t implement the rule but over the course of the game, and with player discussions, we agreed it should be reinstated. 40k characters and leaders not only have the importance of CoC leaders but are often attributed powerful wargear or abilites. This help mitigate the randomness somewhat.

I am sure there are a few things I have forgotten. Please forgive anything that seems out of place in the write up above. Hopefully this has given a more in depth look at how the two rulesets have been meshed together.

Please feel free to take a look and test it out. If you do, let me know how it went I would love to know.


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