Chain of Command Support 15mm M5 Stuart


Time to get to work on my support options for my 15mm British Chain of Command force. After putting the paint on the M5 Stuart a week or so ago, it was time to finish it off, all bar the decals.

This meant some weathering!

The full process is described below.

Chain of Command Support 15mm M5 Stuart


The tank itself has a base coat of Vallejo Olive Grey (70888) and Russian Uniform (70924). This seems to give a pretty good rendition of the S.C.C. 15 Olive Drab colour.

This was then covered in Vallejo Gloss Coat for protection and then washed with oil paints to give the shading. The wash was a mix of about 50:50 Black and a Dark Olive. The Gloss Coat helps the wash flow, and any wash hitting raised panels was simply wiped off.

After the wash had dried, the panels and edges were successively highlighted by adding 50:50 mix of Vallejo Panzer Aces (320) French Tankcrew to the original colour mix. This was applied to areas that would be likely to receive more light, upper panels etc. This was also applied to raised panels. Make sure any recessed/ washed areas are not covered over during this process.

A final, smaller, highlight was completed by using straight French Tankcrew.

Finally the panel edges and most exposed panels were given a final lining of 50:50 French Tankcrew and Vallejo Ivory (70918).

Any accessories, tools or guns were given a coat of either

  • Steel (Vallejo Natural Steel 70864), for the metal pieces. Any metallic colour will be fine though.
  • Wood was Burnt Umber (70941), although again any brown colour is fine.

These were then both given a wash with a black/ brown mix. Whatever you have on hand is fine, just make sure it is dark.

Tracks were given a basecoat of Oily Steel (Vallejo 90865).





My first step in weather any vehicles is to give them a light airbrush of dirt. Normally I use Vallejo Game Colour Earth. I find this represents very well the light coating of dust a vehicle would collect.

Try colour is applied mainly to the bottom half of the vehicle, with some spray moving to the upper section of the panels to give good coverage.

After the dusting, I move on to inks and pigments.

The tracks themselves were given a complete wash with Vallejo Wash for Rust Effects and left to dry.

Sandy Paste was mixed with a combination of Beasty Brown and Dark Umber and then applied to the lower sections of the hull and to the tracks/ wheels/ suspension. Any paste falling on raised or working sections was wiped off.

Once the paste was dry, I ran pigments over various sections of the tank. A mix of Vallejo, MIG and AK were used. All the pigments were mixed with a few drops of pigment binder as I wanted them to adhere well.

A mix of Burnt Umber and Norther European Dirt was mixed and applied to the deepest areas.

A lighter mix of earth and dirt colours was applied to the more outer facing sections.

Once the pigments were allowed to dry a little, excess was wiped off with a cotton bud.

Any areas of wear or exposure were were given a rub over of an 8B Graphite Pencil. This helps bring the metal look back out and makes it very easy to go around raised areas.

Finally a black pigment was used for the exhausts. I accidentally went a bit overboard with this pigment and it took a lot to remove the excess. There is still to much ‘soot’ around the place but it will be fine.

Of course, a quick spray of Testors Dullcote to finish it off and protect it.

Chain of Command Support 15mm M5 Stuart PC_201508_MB3

Chain of Command Support 15mm M5 Stuart PC_201508_MB2

Chain of Command Support 15mm M5 Stuart PC_201508_MB1


At this stage I have applied no decals. I am still working out who my supports will belong to and once I figure that out I can apply them to all the vehicles at once.

Once that is done, then I can show all of the completed British support.

The tank itself was pretty easy to put together (it was a Battlefront Resin/ Metal kit), the only thing I needed to do was add some metal rod for the hull MG.

The area around the housing for the hull MG is a bit messy, or possibly miscast, but on the table, at 15mm size, it isn’t all that noticable.

I would love to hear how others paint their vehicles, or do any weathering.


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