Change of Pace

A great game, also where I have been.

Hi Everyone,

It has been a month between posts, for which I apologise. Life had gotten busy and the focus of the blog had gotten lost. On the upside this has allowed me to think about the focus of the blog.

The initial concept was slightly too ambitious with too strict a deadline for posts. This was causing me to consider writing far too much like work. To counter all that I am making the follow changes:

BLOG FOCUS: The focus of this blog is now about a record of my gaming. It will include opinion pieces, reviews and recaps. It will also cover PC Games and non PC Games

TIME FRAMES: I will be stopping with the Mon Madness and Wed Wrap Up’s. They were causing me grief. Deadlines I struggled to meet and not always with good content (I thought Mon Madness frankly had little content of interest/ worth). In their place I plan on writing pieces covering the topics above – opinion pieces, reviews and recaps. The timing will also be slightly different. I will still try and aim for two pieces a week but they won’t be Mon and Wed.

GUEST CONTENT: I will still be asking people to write guest posts and am happy for people to offer to write something. A blog is a community as well as a personal thing, the more the merrier.

Thanks for sticking with it, sorry for the down time, hopefully I can bring you better content and maybe even more of it, in the future.


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