Characterisation: Blackneto 1


(Rifts/ Heroes and Superspies RPG: Super Hero OCC)

Style Master. Master Metal Manipulator. D-Team, Minitaka Rangers.


Blackneto doesnt remember much of his childhood. His earliest memory was being called ‘Whacka’, the name given to him by the Pity-de’fools who raised him. The de’fools were a very wealthy family in the local area, which was mostly untouched by the ravages of the current world, and they grew crops and sold them to the lower Coalition State area. Being rich Southerners, they were in possession of a large amount of written history books. Whacka and the other indentured servants in the area were often tought to read using primitive picture books, and Whacka’s favorite book was the X-men. In this book, which was lacking in people that looked like Whacka, he tended to identify with the enemy of the X-men, Magneto, as the X-men had a nice house, and this reminded him of the de’fools mansion.

On his 12th birthday Whacka was toiling in the de’fools workshed fixing a tractor, he dropped the wrench he was using to change the oil. He stretched his arm out to pick it up, but couldn’t quite reach. As he struggled to get to it, the tractor started to wobble on its hoist. Whacka strained and did not hear the creaking noise as the tractor fell on him. The others in the shed came running to his rescue, thinking that he had been crushed to death, when the tractor suddenly went flying through the roof of the shed… All the others gathered around as Whacka got to his feet, and shook himself off. The servants decided to keep this incident a secret. However one of the Pity-de-fools noticed the massive tractor sized hole in the roof, and Whacka was sentenced to be executed for being infected by the rift magic.

The morning of the execution Whacka walked out calmly and, when asked if he had any last words stated “I pity the de’fool who tries to kill me”. As the guns were raised, Whacka raised his hands. The shots were fired, and then the bullets amazingly stopped. Then they started to return towards the executors. Chaos rained, and Whacka decided to make a break for it…

Over the next few years Whacka perfected his magnetic arts, in secret. However one day, while attempting to rob a bank to fund his habit of expensive cloaks, he was captured by a special branch of the CS military, tasked with tracking down supernatural creatures. The rumous of a man who had the power to open a bank vault with his mind had sparked interest in certain groups. He was allowed to live, on the proviso that he joined the intelligence area, and became a spy, as his ability to manilpulate metal would become very handy for covert operations, and being able to fly allowed for the perfect escapes from impossible situations.

Whacka worked with the government for a few years, and became a very good spy. But since Government work doesnt pay very well, and cloaks can be very expensive, he decided to flee. He went on a mission, and never returned. In order to stay hidden, he decided to adopt a new name. He remembered his time at the Pity-de’fools and growing up learning about the X-men.¬†Coincidentally, Whacka sounded a little like Magneto, except Magneto was white and his real name was Erik. Whacka decided once and for all that the world would know of him, and thus was born Blackneto!

Master of Metal

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