CoC: Reinforcements

Time to bolster the troops!

My British forces were lacking a little in the Support Options, so Peter Pig, PSC and Wartime Miniatures to the rescue!

New British Support Options

– Vikers MMG team – Peter Pig

– 6pdr Gun – Peter Pig

– Cromwell – PSC

– M4 Sherman – PSC

I also picked up a basic German Platoon, this will let me play demo or one off games (thanks to Peter Pig, PSC and Minairons).

– German Platoon (plus a blister of extra troops) – Peter Pig

– Panzer IV – Peter Pig

– Panzer Ausf A – Minairons

– SdKfz 251 – PSC

All up they look great, and I can’t wait to get them together and table ready (especially a few reinforcements for the next Villers-Bocage campaign game).

The service from the UK companies has been great. No problems and cheap, quick freight from the UK to Australia. I would recommend either company. I’ll also say that the decision PSC has made to sell ‘reinforcements’, essentially a sprue with one complete vehicle, provides a fantastic option.

WarTime Miniatures in the ACT also provided exceptional service, and I was constantly updated as to the status of the order.


15mm PSC SdKfz 251 sprue


15mm M4A4 Sherman sprue, with alternate Firefly turret and gun. Will try and magnetise these.


Host of 15mm German troops, with some British support. Also the Pz IV.


15mm PSC Cromwell. Also has two gun options.


15mm Minairons Panzer Ausf A. Two turret and gun options.

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