CoC40k Update 0.5

CoverPicAfter a number of playtests, CoC40k Update 0.5 is ready for release.

We focused on a few key areas this time. Still a lot to do but CoC40k gives a good and solid game. I have another battle report to work on. Ultramarines storming a prison where Tau are holding humans.

You can find CoC40k version 0.5 HERE. The Yellow highlights indicate new or changed sections.

CoC40k Update 0.5 includes (among other clarifications):

  • Updated Deployment mechanics
  • Introduction of basic Shock
  • Revised Movement and 40k Weapon Tables
  • How to activate 40k special abilities (it ties in to leader actions/ command initiaitve)
  • How to activate/ cast psychic powers.


A couple of important things I forgot in the 0.5 PDF

  • Engagement range for entering Close Combat has been reduced from 4″ to 2″. This is because units in CoC40k tend to move a little faster than standard CoC. (This is actually in the document but I think I forgot to highlight it, and I feel it is am important change)
  • Space Marine special rule ‘And They Shall Know No Fear’ kicks in when a unit fails a morale check and breaks. The unit falls back like normal but then automatically rallies at the end of the fallback move and is NOT broken. It can activate normally next phase.

Feel free to take a look, try the changes out or comment!

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