CoC40k v1.0

CoverPicWe’ve pushed the release to CoC40k v1.0 after a number of playtests. The majority of general rules are covered now including psychic powers and flyers.

The integration of CoC and 40k mechanics allows CoC style games to be played, and tactic to be used, while allowing armies to be selected straight from 40k codexes. This hybrid is definitely at a position where games can be played with most of the wrinkles in the core rules ironed out.

As a disclaimer, without going over each codex with a fine tooth comb, there will always be some special rules not covered by these guidelines. 40k simply has too many special rules to list them all. If you do find any, my suggestion is to try and adjudicate these occurrences in the spirit of this hybrid game. These guidelines may provide some insight as to the best way to resolve any conflicts.

Our two recent games included a Blood angel drop pod and deep strike army against Tau forces. We were concerned with a deep strike army completely overwhelming a normal force. Thankfully the changes we made to deep striking units made the game quite challenging and tough, but gave an great result. A DRAW at the end of the game, with both forces morale dropping to 3 or below.

The other game was Tau again, this time attacking a defensive Chaos position. A combination of Chaos cultist blob with an HQ, some daemon machines and minor supporting Chaos Marines. This game was played twice with both forces trying the role of attacker. Fearless proved to be a very powerful ability.

Please find the latest release below:

CoC40k v1.0

As a bonus, here are some of the pics from the Blood Angels v Tau game.
















Playtest3-16 Playtest3-17

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