Crossroads Campaign Special Character 1

rp_chainofcommand.jpgAs you may be aware, Crossroads focuses on the actions of the Canadians at Falaise Gap.

As a special nod to our Canadian friends, it was decided to add Maj. David Currie V.C. as a playable character. This is of course optional, but may help add to the immersion and background of the campaign.

We have taken as much precaution as possible to keep the game representation of Maj. Currie as accurate a reflection as possible whilst at the same time not being overpowered, or a must include.

So please take a look at the document, include him in your games as you see fit and let me know how it turns out!

Crossroads Campaign Special Character - Crossroads_MajCurrie

The document is downloadable from this link: Crossroads: Maj. Currie, or from the Crossroads Campaign Page. I’ll also be uploading it and trying to bundle it up with the Crossroads PDF on Wargame Vault.



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