Crossroads, Closing the Gap

Welcome to Crossroads, Closing the Gap


This campaign module presents a World War 2 Mini-Campaign detailing the actions of the 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade at the Battle of Saint-Lambert-sur-Dives.

Inside you will find a 49 page Campaign Book, featuring background, force lists and 7 linked missions.

This campaign is primarily designed to be played using Chain of Command from TooFatLardies, but can be used with other systems.


As creating wargame material is my hobby, and not my source of income, these products will be freely available to any and all to download and use.

In an effort to recoup some of the expense in creating this module, I have also made this PDF is available via WargameVault for a$3 suggested ‘pay what you like’ for those who would like to contribute.

There are however no obligations or expectations for you to purchase the PDF via WargameVault, this product is and will remain freely available.

EDIT: Many thanks to those supporting the product and providing valuable assistance in presenting omissions and errors.

All the best with the campaign, and I hope you enjoy it!

2/7/2015 – ERRATA Added below (check below for updates)

Crossroads, Closing the Gap

Current Version: v1.3

(PDF Download) – 5.7Mb download. Available from:

This website (free download)



(free download/ pay what you like)

Crossroads, Maj. David Currie V.C. supplement


2/7/2015 – v1.1 – Updated map for Scenario Orange Three (P 30), was missing deployment zones

20/8/2015 – v1.2 – added version number to Information Page, clarified rules for crossing rivers, added 6 pdr gun to Canadian Force, Changed Support List details for vehicles and guns in both forces to comply to the latest (at time of distribution) Vehicle Arsenal.

24/9/2015 – v1.3 – see changes below:

  • Support List Changes:
    • Canadian Force List. P21
      • ‘Universal Carrier with Team and Junior Leader’ moves to List Three
      • ‘Recce Section of two Universal Carriers, 4 crew each. One Junior Leader’ moves to List Five
    • German Force List. P24
      • ‘SdKfz 250 with four man Reconnaissance Team’ moves to List Three
  • Clarifications regarding Sherman and Achilles selections:
    • The vehicles are not free and are selected from the Support Lists, with the support points given for each game.
    • For the purposes of Scenario Orange 1, these Sherman’s score an extra VP if they are the unit to move off the board.
    • Additionally, for clarification, any Sherman or Achilles roll on the ‘Support Unit’ row for any Bad Things Happen rolls.
  • Clarification from Page 27,    Scenarios,  2nd Paragraph
    • The intent is that you select Support Option from the Support Lists in the usual manner, using the points given in each Scenario.
    •  The bonus support options are a reference to Scenarios where a force may receive a tank or support list option at no costs. For example in one missions the Canadians receive Support Points and a Sherman, in another the Germans receive Support Points and a Panther.
  • Clarification for Page 27, Light Grey walls and Dark Grey walls.
    • I just had a quick double check, there are no dark grey walls (tall walls). All the walls in the campaign are light grey (medium obstacles).
    •  The section on dark grey walls was included for completion but I can now see how this can cause confusion, especially after reviewing the maps. I’ll fix this up in the next update.

Current Errata: none