Daemonhammer 40k 7th Edition 3

More games of 40k played and some interesting occurrences.

Scumcleaner and I decided to play a game of Daemons versus Grey Knights. Traditional enemies, and a game that should be flavoursome and entertaining.

We took fairly well rounded armies, certainly nothing in extreme and decided to have at it. The result DAEMONHAMMER!

Grey Knights

Draig0, 5 Paladins, 5 Terminators, Dreadknight, Dreadnought, Stromraven and a Culexis Assassin.

GK took Sanctic Powers


Fateweaver, Lord of Change, 2 x Heralds of Tzeentch, 3 x squads of 20 Pink Horrors and a squad of 3 Screamers or Tzeentch.

Daemons took Daemonology Summoning Powers

We played the stock standard Maelstrom Mission which didn’t work out too badly but is still a bit ridiculous. We each discarded more cards than we could use to claim VP’s from. I also think hidden Missions would make a big difference and add a lot more enjoyment, it isn’t like you can cheat by keeping them hidden.

I was going to do a lovely Battle Chronicler, but really there is little point. The game went as follows:

Daemon Turn – summons a shit-ton-load of Daemons, GK can’t stop it due to the 36 to 10 warp charge difference. Saturate the board.

GK Turn – try to get into a good position. Can’t cast a power due to a 36 to 10 warp charge difference against them. Hold on to the bitter end.

To be fair I did manage to cast a Hammerhand and a Sanctuary, but that was it. While the game lasted to the end of Turn 5, it was a comprehensive victory to the Daemons with very little threat to that victory.

GK’s feel neutered having all their psychic powers taken away and replaced with set Sanctic powers. Very bland and a lot of their tricks are gone.

In the end, the Damons managed to summon 2000 points worth of other Daemons, so in the end it was a lopsided 4000 to 2000 point battle. More interestingly, we did not cheese the starting armies and the summoned Daemons were mainly Khorne Daemons which did not add to the warp charge pool. So more concerning, if it WAS tooled up for summoning, then wow, it would have been another 1000 points easy I think. The ONLY obstacle was poor dice rolls/ luck.

To give a list of the daemons that were summoned:




Great Unclean One

Keeper of Secrets

Bloodcrushers of Khorne

Bloodcrushers of Khorne

Plague Bees or Nurgle

Steeds of Slaanesh

Unit of Pink Horrors

So the summoned total was almost more than the starting army and was more units than the starting army. Now, we had this as a preplanned game so I wasn’t put out by this at all, and it was entertaining to see the daemons being summoned, but I try and imagine what things would have been like if this was just a normal game where you didn’t know what or who you were playing, you would have to end up asking why you bother to play. It was in no way fair and would have not been enjoyable for an opponent in a normal game.

In the end, Strike 2 for 7th Ed 40k. The game really didn’t have anything going for it other than preplanned shenanigans. Scumcleaner starting feeling bad for the amount of things being summoned and the lop sided nature of the game until we said fuck it, lets see how much we can break it (hint, a lot). We ran out of Daemons. We also ran out of dice to actually put into the Warp Charge pool…

I’ll put some photos down below.


The Grey Knight Army

The (starting) Daemon Army


The board on Turn 2! The photo has left 1 x Bloodthirster out of the shot.




View from the canopy of the zooming Stromraven

View from the canopy of the zooming Stormraven

The stand of Draigo, surrounded by Daemons.

One of the (many) summoned Greater Daemons

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3 thoughts on “Daemonhammer 40k 7th Edition

  • Troy Clifford

    Couple of minor clarifications… the 30(plus) to 10 difference wasn’t until later in the game. The first few turns were more like 25 to 10. The level went up and down as different daemons were summoned. There was a mastery level3 daemon prince missing from the army list. A couple of heralds of tzeench were in the summoned list that became greater daemons, and I got a couple of new horror units from the portal glyph. Also, there were another couple of pink horror units missing from the summon list and a level 2 herald that didn’t succumb to greater daemonhood. We played the entire game out to 5 turns just to see how many units I could actually summon so there was no tabling per se…

    • unhingedtangent

      That is correct. 36 is an exaggeration for the first turn, but not the later turns. I think I also left out the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch and another Herald of Tzeentch in that list.

      The summoned deamons contained GD Nurgle, GD Slaanesh, Heralds of Tzeentch, Pink Horrors. These all added to the power dice in the end. A neat trick is to have a Herald with a the power to summon a GD and a unit of 20 horrors be able to summon a Herald. Sacrifice the herald for a GD, summon another Herald with the Horrors. You can;t guarantee it of course as the powers are random, but you can see the amazing circle when it does happen (and it did). Luck? Maybe, but I don;t think the odds are too high for this to happen more often than we would like.