Dropzone Commander AAR – PHR v UCM, Land Grab 4


Welcome to the first AAR for Dropzone Commander and the first using Battle Chronicler.

This after action report features my UCM pitted against Luke’s PHR in a Land Grab. Unfortunately I took no game pictures so photos will be a little sparse. Apologies for that.

As I am new to using Battle Chronicler, some pics may not be as clear or obvious as I intended. I hope to improve on the clarity of picture and intention as I improve my skills.


UCM Force List (Green) and unit designations
Command Battlegroup
– Kodiak Command Vehicle (K)
– 2 x Longbow Artillery (LS) carried by 2 x Raven B Dropships (RBL)

Armour Battlegroup
– 3 x Sabre MBT (SS1) carried by a Condor Dropship (CS)
– 3 x Rapier AA (RS) driving on

Legionnaire Battlegroup
– 3 x Leagionnaire Squads (L1) in a Bear APC (BA1)
– 3 x Leagionnaire Squads (L2) in a Bear APC (BA2)
both carried ina Condor Dropship (CL)

Expeditionary Force
– 4 x Wolverine A, with AA guns ( W ) carried by 2 x Raven A Drpships (RAWS)
– 2 x Praetorian Squads (PS) carried by a Raven B Dropship (RAP)

Heavy Ordnance Battlegroup
– 2 x Scimitar Heavy Tanks (SS2)

– 2 x Archangel Interceptors (AS)
– 1 x Seraphim Heavy Bomber (SS3)

PHR Force List (Blue) and unit designations
Hand of the Sphere
– Command Squad: Zeus, 2x Odin (CS)
– Janus Squad: 2x Janus (JS), Triton A2 (T2)
– Sirens: 2x Sirens (SS), Triton A1 (T1)

Battle Pantheon
– Battle Squad: 2x Ares (BS1), Neptune (N1)
– Battle Squad: 2x Phobos (BS2), Neptune (N2)

Battle Pantheon
– Battle Squad: 2x Phobos (BS3)

– Immortals: 1x Immortals (IS1), 1x Juno A2 (JA1)
– Immortals: 1x Immortals (IS2), 1x Juno A2 (JA2)
^ Sharing Neptune Dropship (N3)

Heavy Pantheon
– Heavy Squad: 2x Odin (HS), Neptune (N4)
– Taranis Squad: 2x Taranis (TS)




Initial deployment saw the UCM choose the woods to the bottom left (South West), to force the PHR into the buildings of the city in the North East.

UCM deployed lightly with most forces coming on in Readiness, in their Dropships.

PHR deployed all their forces.

The coloured squares represent buildings, the yellow dots are focus point objective markers.

Land Grab scores 1 point for the army with a unit in 6″ of a focal point (with no enemy units within 6″) at the end of each turn.


UCM 1, PHR 2


UCM deploy across the southern board edge, racing to engage in the southern part of the city. A lone squad of wolverines hopes to steal the north western objective and use it’s AA to fight back any incoming enemy dropships. The scimitars move slowly down the road (gaining +2″ movement to their existing slow 3″ movement, by virtue of spending all their movement on a road). This puts them in range of a Focal Point.

The UCM Fleet gets into gear and the Archangels destroy the Sirens Transport but are themselves destroyed by the PHR Phobos AA in the northern parts of the city. The Seraphin took one damage point off a Phobos AA walker.

PHR start spreading out. A quick jump to the southern city and they have claimed that focal point as well as the northern city focal point. The rest of the army push for the central point.


UCM 3, PHR 4



UCM grab the norther focal point on the hill and deploy to hold/ contest the central point with the Sabre MBT squad. The falcon gunships move to engage the second Phobos AA squad but find themselves short on range. The UCM troops are ferried into position, ready to launch an attack next turn. Fleet did not heed the call and no Fast Movers were available this turn.

PHR made the most of the light UCM shooting and dug into the buildings in the southern city. The northern city was all theirs. Reinforcements were sent to the central point, ready to push the UCM back.


UCM 5, PHR 6



With the UCM troops in position, the Bear APC’s are deployed, and consequently move their troops into both buildings across from the Focal Point. In a devastating move, the UCM destroy the Praetorian Raven Dropship, destroying the entire squad. The rest of the turn is spent moving squads into position to capture and challenge focal points with only the Falcon Gunships firing on the Phobos AA walkers but to no avail, while the Phobos intercepted one Falcon destroying it. The Kodiak called in an Orbital LAser strike on a Phobos AA Walker, only doing one wound which was ultimately repaired by PHR technology. The Ravens which dropped the Longbows fired their missile pods into the light PHR Janus Scout walkers, destroying one. The center of the board and the southern city was now hotly contested. Again Fleet could not answer the call.

PHR sent troops into the building occupied by the UCM Legionnaires, ready for close quarters battle. The Taranis missile batteries began a barrage on the building holding the UCM troops in an attempt to bring it down. Shots were traded in the centre of the board, with no casualties to show for it.


UCM 7, PHR 8


UCM casualties are high this round. The PHR Command Squad focus fire and bring down the building that one unit of Legionnaires are in destroying all three squads and their APC. A close quarters battle is waged in the other building with the PHR killing slightly more trroops but the UCM have weigh of numbers and win the combat. The PHR troops bail out back into their Juno APC.

The last UCM Falcon Gunship is intercepted and shot down by Phobos AA fire before it can open fire and the Janus scout walker takes down a Raven B dropship.

In another round of withering PHR fire, two Sabre MBT’s are destroyed leaving units very thin on the ground where the central focus point is located.

In return, very little damage is inflicted to the PHR this turn. The UCM is desperately trying to hold on.


UCM 9, PHR 10


With the major UCM threat in the southern city removed, the PHR starts to swarm to the center focal point. Needing to take urgent action the UCM decide to bring down the building with the focal point in it, destroying it and thereby denying any victory points from it. The barrage starts with the Serephim flying a low level bombing run, dropping a Sledgehammer bomb on to the target building and inflicting moderate damage to both the PHR troops and the building. Unfortunately the Seraphim is intercepted on the way out of the bombing run and destroyed by the Phobos AA.

The UCM Rapier AA tanks see an opportunity and move into firing positions on the building, unleashing with their full attacks. The building can;t take the weight of fire and collapses, destroying the PHR troops, Sirens and the Focal Point. This would become a telling part in the game.

All other squads jockeyed for position.

TURN 6 (UCM 11, PHR 11)

TURN 7 (UCM 13, PHR 12)

Turn 6

Turn 6

Turn 7

Turn 7

The final two turns was primarily a trade of blows between the remaining UCM Sabre MBT (under cover of smoke the hole game, provided by the Longbow artillery) and the Odin walkers. Well protected by the trees and smoke they eluded the focus fire of both the Odin’s and the remaining PHR dropships, wit the center focal point remaining contested.

In the end, the destruction of the southern city focal point provided the boost necessary to allow the UCM to scrape in a victory against their PHR opponents. A narrow and costly victory.

My thanks to Luke for a close and interesting game.

The inclusion of outdoor terrain and a city made for a very different game to an all city fight and brought in some excellent variation.

(* The Dropzone Commander Logo used at the beginning of this post belongs completely to Hawk Wargames and is their trademark)

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