Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet 6

Yep, it’s that time again. Time for a new campaign: Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet!

Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet - RPMord

No challenges are made to any authors or publishers of the original works involved in this mash up picture.

What is this amalgamation? Well, it is another mish mash of rules to fit our gaming group (I can’t seem to help myself sometimes). The idea is to combine the three separate games Dux Britanniarum, Mordheim and Rogue Planet into a fantasy campaign.  How do they all combine and what do they contribute to the campaign? Read on to find out!

Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet - DuxBritCover

Dux Britanniarum will be providing the campaign system. I am a big fan of the low overhead campaign system presented in these TFL rules. I also like the leader backgrounds and the outlook of the troops to their leader. The way Dux Brit handles loot, money, pre-game events and career paths is also great! There will be some slight modifications of course. Primarily there will be two allied defenders, these will have the option to take one or either of the defender career paths. They may also squabble amongst themselves. Of course backgrounds, area improvements, pre-game events and career paths will need to be tailored, but they will remain similar. Dux Brit is an excellent game for those wanting a ‘Dark Ages’ campaign based system.

Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet - RoguePlanet_frontcover

Rogue Planet will provide the game rules for the campaign. This will include warband building and post event warband growth. The idea will be to follow the basic idea of the extended play in the rules. Rogue Planet Patrol missions will essentially be Dux Brit raids. Once a warband chief has enough prestige and can capture lands, then the other Rogue Planet game styles will be used. All this should culminate in some larger battles of the highest level with the full range of abilities and pawns.

The quick play and easy rules of Rogue Planet are a perfect fit for us. Not too much brain strain but still a good amount of tactical depth. A thoroughly recommended system.


Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet - MordheimCoverFinally the setting. This is where Mordheim finds it’s place! Set on the streets of the cursed city, warbands will be fighting for coins, power and prestige! Mordheim will also provide the races and warband arrangements, in a loose fashion.

The warbands will need to fit in with the Rogue Planet rules of course but the evocative images that Mordheim presents makes for a perfect grim setting. Troy also has some amazing terrain for a good Mordheim setting and we can now make the most of it!

Mordheim is not currently supported by Games Workshop but has a lot of fan based pages. Here is one of them (I have no affiliation with the forum, it just looked to contain a lot of information and is current). I still have my original rule book and many Town Cryers so will be using those.

All three systems will have some form of contribution to the missions being played.

There is a good amount of interest. We have 5 ‘definite’ players, 2 ‘yes when able to’ players, and myself as GM and wandering warband leader.

So far we have the following warbands: Ostland Empire, Undead/ Vampires, Skave, Pirates, Tzeentch Cultists, with myself playing the wandering Inquisition/ Witchhunter warband. The couple of others who are keen but unable to make it every game are running Dwarves and an as yet unannounced force.

We had a warm up set of games last night and everyone had a great night. Enthusiasm is high and I hope to bring you a lot more of the campaign rules and pictures of the games and settings!

Welcome to the City of the Damned.

“Aye, the dangers are great, but if you were cowardly you’d never have made the journey here. There’s treasure to be had, if you’re bold and ruthless enough to claim it. This city chews up the timid and weak, so remember that and keep your men strong. Do that, and you might just survive”


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6 thoughts on “Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet

    • unhingedtangent Post author

      Hi Greg,

      Glad you enjoyed CoC40k. I think both that mash up, and the current Dux Mordheim campaign show how flexible TFL rules can be.
      It is hard to describe Rogue Planet but it is an excellent little game. The most unique feature is no measurement or ranges, for weapons OR movement. It is a quick system with a looser set of rules than normal, which make it great fun with a hidden tactical depth. It also has the ability to represent any genre.
      Hopefully I’ll be able to present some examples as the campaign games are played, and it will become easier to see how the game is played.
      Stay tuned!

  • Jason Berman

    I’ve just read through your Dux Mordheim-related posts and wow, it sounds like you guys had a ripper of a campaign! One thing that is interesting me is the use of Rogue Planet – I’ve also purchased the rules but they just don’t compute 🙁

    Have you (or could you) published more detailed turn-by-turn run through of a scenario? Not necessarily every turn and roll of the die, but maybe half-a-dozen that shows the mechanics at work?

    • unhingedtangent Post author

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for checking it out. The Dux Mordheim Campaign was certainly interesting. The original interation was a bit over-complex but that was easily toned down after the first round. Once we reached v2, things ran a lot smoother and it was a lot of fun.

      Rogue Planet is an excellent system, you can use it for almost anything. the game is definitely in line with movie heroics. That being said, it is also a very different beast to other games, it can definitely break a gamers brain. It took us a few games to get over our pre-conceived ideas! Once you do however, it opens up endless possibilities.

      I haven’t yet published a turn by turn run through but I can either revisit a previous report and add the details, or I’ll run through another game and make notes.

      Also happy to answer any questions here, or feel free to email me (I just updated the About page)/ message me on twitter.


    • unhingedtangent Post author

      Just touching base again Jason,

      I had a helping hand and I now have some pics of a turn or two of Rogue Planet. Should be enough for a run through. I hope to have something up in a week or so.


      • Dutch Law

        Thanks Matt, looking forward to seeing how you’ve translated it.

        Over the last month we’ve invested some more time into the system and recently it ”clicked”. Most of it works for me now, but I’ve got to admit, getting this old brain to discount measured moves is probably the hardest mechanism to come to grips with. Even when setting up a Map it’s a little different than usual.

        Here’s some Rogue Planet guff of my own: https://southernbermanblog.blogspot.com.au/search/label/Rogue%20Planet