Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 3

RPMordWe are now at Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 3. Erntzeit and the Autmn Equinox has now gone and we are mid way through the first week of Brauzeit. The raids are become more fierce as warband salvage what they can before the winter months.

With the Outsiders launching raids once again, we saw 4 games played over 2 rounds

Round 2 saw the follow games played:
The Skaven launching an Ambush on the Cultists warband.
The Skaven found themselves in a good position to apply their ranged groups and machines. With fire and rock the Cultists were pummelled and burned to the ground. With the last vestiges of strength the Cultists took out the Warpfire Thrower group before they were broken.
RESULT: Skaven Victory (+6) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot.
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 3 DMRP2and3-2

The Chaos Cultists line the wall and the Skaven look for a way through while pounding the Cultists with their ranged weapons.

The Ostlanders also launched an Ambush on Vesh’s mercenaries.
Taking the reins from their hired goons, Claudia grabbed 3 more of the warbands best to deal with the Mercs. Surrounding them, they were able to bring their guns to bear and, one by one, pick off the Mercenary group. This, thought Claudia, is how it is done
RESULT: Ostland Victory (+7) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot.
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 3 DMRP2and3

The Mercenary leader and the Ostland Priest fight for survival near a blighted pool. An Osltand repeating rifle takes position in the bottom left, overlooking the main group of the Mercenaries hiding in the ruins.

Both the Skaven and Pirate warband leaders were struck down with a malady but were able to recover.
Each of the Disciples of Vesh warbands recovered a Beggar’s Bowl of wealth from Vesh’s industries.

Round 3 saw the following:
The Skaven turned their eyes to pilfering loot from a Sacred Place of Vesh. The Mercenaries raced to stop them.
The picked their way through the buildings as the Merc moved to block the doors. Unfortunately for the MErcenaries, Rats are capable climbers and the Rat Ogre made it’s way over the wall and through the destroyed roof.
Splitting the forces to hold back the furry tide while engaging the Rat Ogre, and battle to the death was fought between the Rat Ogre and the Merc Leader. Unfortunately after both sides wore each other down, the Merc leader fell on his own sword (literally), giving the Sacred Place of Vesh over to the rats for looting.
RESULT: Skaven Victory (+7) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot.
The Ostlanders rounded up some of Vesh’s folk and were dragging them back for questioning. The Cultists were having none of it and moved to intercept.
Again in command, Claudia commanded her troops to ignore their captives and focus on the Cultists ahead. With them gone the way would be open. After some hard won fights, the Cultists were defeated and the the Ostlanders escaped with the captives.
RESULT: Ostland Victory (+7) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot.

Unfortunately 1 player was sick, with another feeling under the weather and taking the opportunity to sit out. Both of those warbands will receive a Beggar’s Bowl of Wealth to maintain balance.
After round 3 the warbands look like this in terms of wealth.
Undead: A Baron’s Purse (4)
Chaos Cultists: A Thieve’s Horde (2) – Ascended to Acolyte of Vesh (Rank 2) Career Path. Purchased a Hero, Mal’Phorm’d the Powerful, a Possessed cultist/
Mercenaries: A Knights Tribune (3)
Ostland: A Prince’s Chest (after paying the monthly Beggar’s Bowl to his Marshal)
Skaven: An Elector Count’s Coffers
Pirates: A Baron’s Purse


Well the second night of gaming and the missions for Round 2 and 3 were much better.

After spending time and ensuring the campaign pack is much better organised and the meshing of the Dux Brit Campaign rules and Rogue Planet Game rules are far better integrated.

Having actual mission sheets and an awesome campaign flow cheat sheets (with many thanks to Luke), a lot of the load was spread amongst the gamers at the table. This makes life much easier.

I think wit the help of everyone we have been able to turn around an unmitigated disaster to a fun and entertaining night of games.

In all a success!

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