Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5

RPMordWe are now at Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5. The month of Brauzit is near to over and the cruel winter waste is almost upon the warbands. Turn 6 will see the final turn before the winter break (in game break).

With the Outsiders once again launching raids, we saw 3 games played over 2 rounds. This time we had some multiplayer games in affect.

Round 2 saw the follow games played:
The Skaven attempting to loot the Dark Disciple buildings while the Undead tried to stop them.
The Skaven made quick progress to the buildings with the Undead patiently waiting to trap them inside while they were looting. With the promise of riches, the greedy little rats were trapped by the merciless undead as they ransacked the buildings. Being forces to flee with empty paws, the Skaven squeeked defiance as they slinked back into the sewers.
RESULT: Undead Victory (+4) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot. Both sides had minimal losses.
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5 DMRP45-2

Skaven v Undead, with a canal running down the centre (which can either by crossed via the bridges or jumped over).

The other game saw both the Pirates and Ostlanders attempting to pillage a Dark Disciple sacred place.
With the Pirates launching the attack from their boat, the Dark Disciple Mercenaries moved to intercept. The Ostlanders kept a defensive position behind the walls taking shots at both groups as they moved out from behind cover.
Once the Pirates and Mercenaries were depleted slightly, the Ostlanders emerged to ransack the sacred place. A large final battle with all sides involved took place at the sacred site and once the dust had settled the Ostlanders emerged victorious. The Pirates limped back to their ship and the Mercenaries had been beaten back.
RESULT: Ostland Victory (+6) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot. They also took the time to decry the Pirate leader, Captain Salty Dungbreath!
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5 DMRP45-1

Table for Pirates v Ostlanders v Mercenaries. The Pirates started on the boat (of course), the Ostlanders behind the walls to the top right and the Mercenaries in the top left corner.

Round 3 saw the following:
Word had spread that a terrible monster had been sighted in the Dark District. Whilst normally not a thing to be trifled with, the lure of riches and fame were too much for the warbands in the area.
The Pirates, Ostlanders, Mercenaries and Undead all competed for the glory of slaying the beast. As they arrived, they found the beast standing at the centre point on the bridge. Their eyes widened at the Giant bellowing a challenge to all who would hear.
As the warbands moved to engage the Giant took large strides around the board, gleefully swing it’s club at anything close by. A threat to all, it particularly  showed its skill as it loped down a long road taking a run up. With a mighty swing, an entire group of Flagellents was thrown clear across the road (and out of the battle). With a deep laugh the Giant looked for its next adversaries.
As the Giant moved to engage the Undead, Tariq the vampire moved to engage and a legendary duel began. From that point, with the vampire keeping the giant at bay, the rest of the warbands surrounded it, like ants on fresh food. Slowly the Giant succumbed to the weight of numbers and fell.
Now, the warbands looked to each other, the battle continued!
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5 DMRP45-4

The Giant Hunt board with the central bridge. The Giant is in the bottom left corner gleefully swiping at a group of Flagellants.

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5 DMRP45-3

A close up of the swiping. I am pretty sure you can see the smile on the Giant’s face

As the warbands now engaged, one by one they fell back (weakened by the battle with the Giant), until the cunning Pirates stood victorious on the centre of the bridge where the giant once stood!
NOTES: For the Giant stats, we used CQ7/ RANGED 4/ DEF 6. Due to it’s size it was also considered to have ‘power weapon’ and ‘power armour’. As for it’s activation, we used the rules straight out of the Rogue Planet book and any player could spend an action to activate the Giant as if it was one of their own miniatures.
RESULT: Pirate Victory (+5) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot. The mercenaries grabbed a beggars bowl for finishing off the Giant.
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5 DMRP45-5

Tariq the Vampire intercepts the Giant as it rampages around.

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 5 DMRP45-6

Warbands being by nature very opportunistic, took that chance to surround and swarm the Giant.

After round 5 the warbands look like this in terms of wealth.
Undead: A Princes Chest (6)
Chaos Cultists: A Thieve’s Horde (2)
Mercenaries: A Barons Purse (4)
Ostland: A Knight’s Tribute (3) (after spending A Gaff’s Richers to upgrade Claudia to Captain and equpping her with a Magical Spear)
Skaven: An Elector Count’s Coffers (8)
Pirates: A Princes Chest (6)


Updated Warband can be found HERE.

The multiplayer games were a great change of pace. The rules for Rogue Planet have almost a seamless mulitplayer integration and work very well.

The monster hunt was a lot of fun, and I think really showed how having a quite different mission can make for a great change of pace.

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