Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 2

RPMordWe are now at Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7. The month of Brauzit is over and the long winter has set in. The end of Round 6 saw the end of the first campaign season (broken up by the harsh winter), end of season rolls were made with no casualties or problems encountered. All parties had stocked well for the cold. With the warbands leaders and heroes aging that extra year, round 7 saw the beginning of a new campaign year. The thick ice had begun to thaw and the raids once again began taking place!

With the Outsiders taking it to the Dark District, the Ostlanders decided now was the time to strike for land! We saw 4 games played over 2 rounds.

Round 6 saw the follow games played:
Pirate Captain Salty sailed his ship up the river to better get to grips with the Dark Disciples and their loot. Mooring at one of the portside docks, the Pirates decided to set a little trap making their ship appear empty. The Undead seeing the pirates leaving their boat decided to take matters into their own hand. If they could burn the ship they would deal the pirates a major blow.
Tariq led his band quickly through the streets, hoping to catch the pirates unawares. Little did he know that an trap had been set for him. As the Undead reached the centre of the bridge, the pirates rushed from their hiding position, encircling the undead. Could they escape?
On the back foot, the undead frantically tried to escape the area. They were mercilessly rounded up and disposed of by the pirates, who took what gold they could and scarpered back to their ship singing tales of victory and wealth!
RESULT: Pirate Victory (+6) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot. The Pirates has minimal losses, while the undead would need to be raising more corpses quickly!
During the battle, Tariq was wounded slightly, Captain Salty giving him the sobriquet of ‘Tariq One-Eye’.
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-2

The Pirate Ship ‘Salty Aftertaste’ moors at one of the Dark District’s ports.

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-3

The Pirate’s launch their ambush on the undead

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-5

A large melee erupts.

The second game saw the newly strengthened Cultists defending a piece of land from the Ostlanders. Claudia had made the call, it was time to remove some of the Dark Disciple scum from the area once and for all and lay the Von Hammerschmidt name upon the land of Mordheim!
As this was an attempted land grab, the Ostlanders arranged for an outright battle. Their goal would be to completely drive the Cultists from the area. The cultists would receive bonus Energy due to the warband having a safehouse in the area.
The Cultists struggled to maneuver the streams and broken terrain, often finding themselves being picked off by the long range rifles of the Ostlanders. Once they did get to engage Claudia was able to bring her wealth and recovered artifacts to bear, swooping in like a Valkyrie of legend with her golden spear and driving the cultist before her.
RESULT: Ostland Victory (+6) grabbing a Knight’s Tribute of Loot. The Ostlanders had minimal losses, while the Cultists were decimated.
The Ostlanders were able to pry a piece of land away from the Dark One!
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-1

It may not seem like much, but it is still land. The dismal and broken creek areas Claudia Von Hammerschmidt seeks to take control of.

After the long winter, Round 7 saw another 2 games played.
Seeing that the Dark One had just lost ground, Tariq One-Eye quickly reanimated some of his lost warriors and declared a battle on the Ostlanders in an attempt to regain the lost land.
Deploying his unearthly troops in the shadows, the battle lines of Claudia was also set. She had just gained this land for the Von Hammerschmidt name, she was damned if she was about to lose it now!
Deploying in a similar arrangement as the previous battle, Claudia’s forces had a good overview of the field. Determined not to let all that ranged advantage go to use, Tariq and his force decided to use the cover of the broken land to sneak down the left flank. Soon both sides engaged under the cover of terrain. Vampire against Warrior. Once again the golden spear found it’s mark piercing the heart of the vampire. Tariq was down but not out. Calling his ghouls off, he dragged himself back to relative safety to work on a plan to bring about Claudia’s downfall.
RESULT: Ostland Victory (+6) grabbing a Knight’s Tribute of Loot. The Ostlanders had minimal losses, while the Undead were decimated this time. Grinning as Claudi watched Tariq crawl away, she defied him and called him ‘Weak’. The Undead leader is now know as ‘Tariq the Weak’.
The Ostlanders were able to hold their new gained land, much to Claudia’s thanks.
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-6

Tariq One-Eye the Vampire seeks to outflank Claudia but she is way too canny. Henceforth the vampire is known as Tariq the Weak.

In the final game, the Pirates continued to sail the rivers near the Dark District looking for quick loot. What they found instead was a treasure indeed. A hidden cache of Wyrdstone! Unfortuntaly for them the Cultists were set up to guard and defend the wyrdstone. Jumping from their ship, the pirates moved to engage!
As the pirates probed a number of buildings, the Cultists converged on the main mass of bodies. A slogging melee erupted as first one, than the other side was pushed back. A huge clash resounded as the two giant forms of Mr Sipps and Mal’Phorm’d the Powerful engaged in combat, both determined to show dominance. In the end only one side could win though. The Pirates through sheer force and a bit of luck, pushed the Cultists back into their lands claiming the wyrdstone for themselves!
RESULT: Pirate Victory (+5) grabbing a Thieves Horde of Loot. Both sides took decent casualties.
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-7

WYRDSTONE! The Pirates set to and attempt to steal the wyrdstone from under the cultists noses.

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-8

The cultists have other ideas of course and stick it to Captain Salty and his crew.

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP67-9

Unfortunately the Pirates chase off the Cultists, but not before a clash of giants – Mr Sipps and Mal’Phorm’d the Powerful

After round 7 the warbands look like this in terms of wealth.
Undead: A Princes Chest (6)
Chaos Cultists: A Thieve’s Horde (2)
Mercenaries: A Barons Purse (4)
Ostland: An Emperor’s Ransom (9)
Skaven: An Elector Count’s Coffers (8)
Pirates: An Elector Counts Coffers (8)
Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet End Campaign Turn 7 DMRP_Map2

The Van Hammerschmidt’s claim a piece of territory for Ostland.


The raiders and attackers have really made some great progress. The start of the land grab has happened and I expect both the Skaven and Pirates to start taking areas off the Dark Disciples soon.

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      Thanks for the comments. The combination of systems is finicky but it works. Unfortunately we had to cut the campaign short but we had a good time.
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