Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet Turn 1

RPMordThe first campaign turn has now been completed. Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet Turn 1 was completed mid way through the last week of Erntzeit. It is now 4 days until the Autumn Equinox and the cold is seeping in. In just over a month the icy winter will freeze the City of the Damned. The figting will stop and people will struggle just to survive the elements.

With the Outsiders launching raids to try and secure what they can before the onset of winter, we saw 3 games played.

Pirates v Undead (Wyrdstone Hunt)

The Pirates had heard rumour of wyrdstone being stockpiled in some of the Deciples of Vesh’s buildings and decided to liberate it. Tariq the newly raised vampire was intent to stop them.

Led by Captain Salty and Mr Sipps, the Pirates ransacked the buildings and escaped with the loot.

VICTORY: Pirates (+4), Beggar’s Bowl of Wealth and 0 Honour

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet Turn 1 DMRP_R1-2

Pirates making their way to the Wyrdstone Holds

Ostland v Cultists (Escort Prisoners)

The cultists were escorting some prisoners to some holding pens, to be used for their foul purposes later, and were waylaid by the Ostlanders intrent on freeing them

The Cultist leader Bartholomew gave his warband purpose and drove the prisoners onwards, escaping before Magnus Von Hammerschmidt and his family could stop them

VICTORY: Cultists (+3), Beggar’s Bowl of Wealth

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet Turn 1 DMRP_R1

The Cultists escorting their prisoners.

Cultists v Skaven (Pillage the Stores)

Finding themselves again fending off the Outsiders, Bartholomew and the Cultists were trying to save the supplies from the dirty Skaven thieves this time.

Screech the skaven chosen, sent his rats scurry around all the buolding, instructing them to grab what they could. In the end they could grab too little, too late before being driven off by the Cultists

VICTORY: Cultists (+2), Beggar’s Bowl of Wealth

Dux Mordheim Rogue Planet Turn 1 DMRP_R1-3

Skaven guarding the supply buildings.


So what worked and what didn’t? How did the first night go?

To be honest, it was a bit terrible. I spent a lot of time organise a lot of campaign aspects that weren’t actually used on the night, and to little time organise important parts that would be used. It turned out to be a very chaotic and confused.

The missions themselves were very hit and miss. In the end I think I aimed too big, forgetting the idea of fun, easy with little book keeping.

After listening to the players and watching what was happening in the games, I set about making some substantial campaign pack changes. The major changes are as follows:

1) Mission Deployment
The ‘staggered’ deployment is meant to indicate the Outsiders getting the drop on the defenders (in most cases). This doesn’t hold up in RP, it is a different beast. I don’t know of any player who was happy with how it operated.

CHANGE: Deployment like normal RP with a slight modification. ‘Defenders’ get the entire standard RP deployment. ‘Attackers’ get a 3″ deployment with the possible extra moves before the game begins.

2) Missions…
Some of the missions weren;t suitable in their current incarnation. The collect wyrdstone missions, and loot roll in general seems to work okay. The escort missions were too easy. I think though that with some modifications they can be made to work.

CHANGE: The likely idea would be that escorting only moves 2d6″. As a reaction to a failed roll then they work as follows:
Opponent rolls 10 – 12 = no move
Opponent rolls 7-9 = only non-escort models can move as per normal
Opponent rolls 1-6 = non-escort models move as normal. Escort Models move d6″.

I don’t think we played any other missions.

3) Campaign Sides and Match Ups.
The idea originally was 3 v 2. Defenders line up to repel the attackers. The intent was an in depth campaign with many outside of game decisions, however this goes against fast and low book keeping. This also influences sieges and warband losses. It also gets rounds out of order and makes people wait.

CHANGE:  Th campaign will now be 3 v 3 and there will be full games going each round.

4) Printed Material
I purely ran out of time but I think we all really missed a campaign playsheet and the mission sheets. I prepped a lot, but in the end it was for the wrong areas and the stuff I prepped for wasn’t even used.

CHANGE: I’ll have a campaign turn playsheet – pre and post events, as well as a mission sheet for each mission.

5) Warband losses
After each game, you tally your losses (25, 50, 75% of your points as casualties). This was to take 1,2 or 3 campaign turns to replace, indicaing you wouldn’t fight, or would fight at reduced warband points for the time allocated. This could have a cascading negating effect and takes a LOT of book keeping.
This does also work it’s way into the next point (sieges and territory capturing)

CHANGE: A simple change. Instead of being reduced in points for your next game and have them carry over, the idea is to take that 1,2 or 3 campaign turn recovery time and change it into -1, -2 or -3 Energy removed from your warband for the next game only.
– Example: Previously if you lost 50% of your warband in points for a game, looking at the post game results you will take 2 campaign turns to get back up to strength so any games played before that would be with a warband at 75% the point limit of the game.
Now, with the proposed changes you would play the next game at -2 Energy. Quick, easy and still has an impact.

6) Sieges and Territory capturing.
The idea was that when the Outsiders could begin capturing territory they would have to defeat the defenders then lay siege to the safehouses. This would take 1d4 campaign turns, most likely with defenders not being able to attack due to having to recoup their losses. This doesn;t carry out very well to the current system.

CHANGE: Energy is the key to RP, so I think it is a good idea to use it.
Instead of taking 1d4 turns to lay siege, whoever holds the territory gains 1d4 energy to their warband pool while they are defending the safehold territory. This number increases as it is fortified more.
If the attacker wins, they get the territory. If the defender wins, they keep it.
Again, quick and easy with little book keeping and fits more into RP.

As for what worked, I think the pre-game events are a bit of fun and added something to the missions.

We also stumbled on some good clarification for a couple of rules questions:

  • Outnumbering: To be outnumbered, you need to be engaged by more than one enemy unit (i.e units engage, not models). RP treats groups as a unit, so a Group never counts itself for outnumbering as it is one unit. The bonus is you can possibly find it easier to be engaged with more than one unit (due to being 4 models).
  • Engagement: You are considered engaged if you are in base to base contact. The exception is Long strike weapons. You are considered engaged if you are within the range of a long strike weapon.

So looking forward, we recovered from a poor first round and have streamlined a lot of things. The flow from Dux Brit’s Campaign System to Rogue Planet’s Rules is now more seamless and quicker.

The new campaign pack and missions can be found on the DMRP Campaign Page.

I am really looking forward to the next round.

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