Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report – Ultramarines v Tau 2

The sweeping hills of the Matluk Province had been quiet for years after the Tau exploration force had visited. Their new masters kept talking about some Greater Good, however to the workers in the mining district it made little change to their days.

That all changed recently however. The Imperium wanted their planet back. The mining facility was the key point in this province, that’s where the attack happened. The peace was shattered as the armour of the Tau Cadre’s flew in and the might of the 13th Legion (Ultramarines) challenged the invaders.

Let the battle commence:

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report – Ultramarines v Tau

Force Distribution:


  • Tactical Detachment with Captain (in Rhino transports)
  • Terminator Detachment
  • Assault Detachment with Chaplain
  • Devastator Detachment (in Rhino transports)
  • Whirlwind Detachment
Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - Ultramarines

13th Legion, the Ultramarines

Tau Exploration Force

  • Crisis Suit Cadre with Gun Drones
  • Firewarrior Cadre with Devilfish Transports
  • Pathfinder Group with Devilfish Transports
  • Armoured Group with Hammerheads
  • Stealth Group with Gun Drones
Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - Tau Exploration Force

Tau Exploration Force

Game Review

This was our firs game of New Epic Armageddon (NetEA) in a long time. We decided to go with a decent point limit, but nothing overwhelming. We wanted to finish the game and make sure we could reference rules as needed.

I also wanted to give my battle mat a run, so we opted for more of an open plains/ rolling hills, surrounding a mining factory. We used some of Troy’s hills under the mat to help form some hills, and found a nice open area to place the mining facilities.

Luke went with his Tau Exploration Force (Third Wave), and picked some solid choices, then proceeded to bulk them out. The Tau were quick an hand the range over marines. The Tau were spread across the board ready to react to any enemy position. They could use their superior movement to strike at any point.

I decided to take the basic detachment numbers for my Ultramarines. I was hoping what I lacked in numbers and firepower/ range, I could make up with pure hitting power and resilience! I went for a central deployment so the detachments could hopefully mutually support each other. The Terminators were help in orbit, looking to deep strik for maximum impact.

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - Objectives1

Objective Placement. Red for Tau, Blue for Ultramarines

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - Objectives 2

Alternate view of the Objective placement, looking over the mining outpost

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - Dep

Initial Deployment. Tau spread wide, Ultramarines trying to force the centre


Turn 1:

Turn 1 saw the opening moves as expected. With Tau wining the roll to go first, they took the initiative. No one failed any activation rolls (Marines helped a lot here with their 1+ activation roll).

Tau moved their forces up and disembarked giving them good, central positioning. The pathfinders sniped some shots at the Tactical detachment, while the Devastators ineffectually fired at the Pathfinders in return. The Whirlwinds, Assault Marines, Tau Firewarriors took up positions along the front. The Stealth Suits appeared and blasted the Assault Marines to breaking point. The disruptive weapons they have are awesome!

Both the Crisis suits and Terminators both teleported in to the action. The Crisis suits laying a withering hail of fire at the Tactical detachment, making them suffer for their extended movement. The Terminator landed in a safe position, ready to engage next turn, but making them ineffectual this turn.

No formations had broken, but the Marines had weather a lot of fire and taken a lot of blast markers.

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - End Turn 1

The situation after Turn 1. The Tactical Marines in the centre have taken a large number of blast markers, as habe the Devastators on the hill to the top, left. The Assault Marines were untouched, but that was soon to change. For the most part, the Tau were untouched.

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - End Turn 1 c

Tau Left Flank, better view of the Firewarrior Cadre prior to disembarking. The Terminators had deployed on the far left

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - End Turn 1 b

Alternate view, more of the Tau Right Flank. The Hammerheads are poised to strike and the gun drones to the top right lead the way for the Stealth Suits (off board at this stage)


Turn 2:

Tau again won the Strategic roll for first turn and took it. With so many marines, so close, it benefited the Tau to begin the shooting.

The Pathfinders again fired on the Tactical Squad bringing them close to breaking. The Crisis suits targeted the Devastators causing them to break and flee. The Ultramarine Force was now dangerously depleted with multiple units broken.

Some good came of Turn 2 as the Whirlwinds found three tanks in range and proceeded to blast the Firewarrior Cadre, causing multiple casualties and blast markers. The Terminators decided to finish the job, moved into position and charged the Firewarriors, destroying all bar three units, causing them to break.

The remaining two Assault Squads, led by a Chaplain had rallied at the end of last turn and now charged the Stealth Suits. A vicious combat erupted  with the Assault Marines causing a lot of damage. Unfortunately being outnumbered more than three to one meant they could not combat the numbers and were once again broken.

Finally, in an all or nothing move, the Captain led his Tactical Squads in the charge on the Pathfinders.  Unfortunately only one base made it into close combat, which carved their way through the Pathfinder unit, this did mean the remainder of all units engaged in a firefight. The Tactical Marines had barely gotten the upper hand when the Crisis suits engaged in the same firefight (being within range to lend assistance). This led to the Tau winning the assault and causing the tactical squad to break and retreat.


Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - End Turn 2

Tau now well and truly controlled the battlefield. Only remnants of the Marines remain now, with the Terminators holding strong.

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - T2 Terminators

Terminators take up the position of the Firewarriors after carving them up and breaking the formation.


Turn 3:


This was little more than a mop up turn for the Tau. The Ultramarines had one tiny chance which ended as the Captain and his Tactical Squads failed to rally at the end of Turn 2.

The Ultramarines won the strategic roll and went first, in a complete display of ineptness, the Captain and his Tactical Squads failed to activate! Marneus Calgar will have much to say to his Captain after this, day I feel.

The rest of the turn was spent with the Tau mopping up units and claiming objective points.

At the end of Turn 3, the Tau were clear winners, 3 VP to 0 VP.

The Ultramarines had been forced from the mining area.

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - Tau finish off the Assault Marines

Tau finish off the Assault Marines

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - PF remains

The remainder of the Firewarrior Cadre. Broken but not quite off the board.

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - PF Obj

Pathfinders claim one of the hill objectives

Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report - Ultramarines v Tau - Obj

The Crisis Suit Cadre fan out and claim the other 2 objectives needed to win the game.



  • Tau Exploration Force: 3
  • Ultramarines: 0

Victory TAU


I love Epic. The… ah… epic feel of the game, the visuals and sweeping movement. It is all good.

Compared to current 7th Ed 40k, Epic feels like 40k should. The rules are simple and the efforts of the webgroup to keep the forces balanced are really paying off. If 8th Ed 40k is even close to this it will be a winner.

As I mentioned above, the armies feel like they should according to their background fluff. You also can’t just waltz a Marine army up the middle of the table and expect to win. Tactics matter!

The battle mat worked really well, giving some good contours that 6mm figures can hide behind. Unfortunately the rolled up mat had squashed and fold lines appeared. I have corrected this by rolling the mat around something substantial enough to stop creasing.


So, a lot of fun , hopefully we can bring you some more battle reports in the near future

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2 thoughts on “Epic Armageddon (NetEA) Battle Report – Ultramarines v Tau

  • Luke

    It was an excellent game, thank you. The battle mat was sensational. Loved the feel of the rolling hills (a stark contrast to the usual dense city terrain we typically use). Looking forward to more games.

    Do you have photos of the whole mat? It’s great.

    • unhingedtangent

      Cool, thanks for the game, it was a lot of fun. Now if GW can balance 8th Ed 40k to the same level it will be great! Yeah the mat gives a great feel of hills for smaller scale minis. Next time I’ll get some more shots focusing on the mats.