EWAR Building Set Quick Look 2


PlastcraftGames, makers of pre-cut, foamed PVC scenery.

One can never have enough buildings. That’s why, when I saw this set appear, our gaming group quickly snaffled one up to check it out.

Plastcraft have released a set of 15mm EWAR buildings, 4 all up, that can be freestanding or combined to make a row.

The buildings themselves can be purchased individually, or prepacked into a box of 4. They are pre-cut foamed PVC. The buildings also have some awesome details on them, like cracked fascias and exposed brickwork.

EWAR Building Set Quick Look

This week I’ll show you some shots of a building, and how it looks packaged, and then completed. This is just one building of the four, and a more complete review will be presented once the buildings are painted up.

EWAR Building Set Quick Look

EWAR Building Set Box Art. A good looking row of houses and a shop for your table.


The box itself is neat and tidy, without wasting any space. The contents seem well protected and I had no damage with any of the pieces.

EWAR Building Set Quick Look Inside Box

Inside the box. Everything neatly arranged and organised, with clear enough instructions.


Each building is packaged in its own bag, with a label. This makes it very clear, leaving no ambiguity, which building you are working on. All pieces to each building are in their own bag.

EWAR Building Set Quick Look pieces

Hera are some of the individual panels. You can see the plastic window panes, and some of the details on the panels


The foamed PVC is very easy to work with. Being slightly thicker than plastic walls, some depth is added. There is definitely not the weighty feel of a resin building, however the materials make a sturdy piece of scenery, one that is light weight, allows for modifications but will stand up to the rigors of the gaming table.

EWAR Building Set Quick Look Assembled

Assembled building, looks good, sturdy and again nice details.


The assembled building is good looking and has lots of nice features like edging, plastic to add to the windows, embossed doors and signs.


Added bonus, you can see the removable roof, and the second floor allowing for miniatures. You can also see the base of the building, which is removable.

Another set of good features is a removable section of roof and floor. The roof gives access to a partial second story floor to allow miniatures to stand on, while the removable floor can allow for destroyed buildings.

All up so far this has been a very affordable set of buildings that have been required more assembly than some. That assembly, however, has been fairly easy with most pieces fitting well. The design leaves a sturdy building with a lot of detail.

Stay tuned for full review in the near future.

UPDATE: These buildings have now been painted. 

You can see them HERE


Has anyone else used these EWAR buildings, or any foamed PVA scenery, before?

What did you think about it?

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