Review: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Supplement) 1

Review: Hurricane Season

(Dystopian Wars Supplement)

Product: Hurricane Season (Dystopian Wars Campaign Book)

Company: Spartan Games

In their first expansion book for Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games has really gone the ‘whole hog’. A product that is a very tidy package with a lot of good content.

The book is hardcover and bigger than the Dystopian Wars main rulebook. It contains the ‘historical’ account of the Battle of the Carribean where the Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Prussian Empire set sail to invade Federated States of American sail. Can the FSA hold out long enough for their allies, the¬†Kingdom of Britannia.

The book is roughly broken into 3 sections:

  • Historical account of the nations, their leaders and war efforts at the time.
  • A missions section for players to recreate the Battles of the Carribbean
  • An updated rules section including a full overview of the Covenant of Antarctica, New Deployment and Force selection, Weather and Barges.

All up I feel it is an EXCELLENT addition to the Dystopian Wars line up. I finally have a complete, consolidated set of rules for my CoA force and I am a big fan of the new Deployment and Force Selection rules, I really can’t wait to get into the campaign missions.

Thankfully our gaming group has 5 players, each playing one of the major countries involved in the Hurricane Season Campaign. As a result of that I am planning a Hurricane Season campaign for our group as soon as the Warhammer 40K 6th Ed rush has subsided a bit (so proabbly closer to the end of the year).

Anyhow, I would rate Hurricane Season as a solid 8/10 for packaging and content.

My main detraction from a higher score was that I essentially needed this book to play my CoA force properly and the book is not cheap by Spartan Games standards (although coming in at $40 for the supplement it is a lot cheaper than other game companies).

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