Infinity – more Ariadna troopers


Some more Ariadna troopers today, for Infinity.

We have a tournament coming up in a month and a half so a lot of focus has now moved to finishing off armies. That means designing army lists, playtesting, making sure the rules are fresh in our minds.

Most of all it means making sure all out minis are painted/ touched up and ready to go!

To that end, this week I present some more of G$’s Ariadna troopers!


Infinity – more Ariadna troopers

(L-R): Spetsnaz Paratrooper with boarding shotgun,Mormanier with HMG, Spetsnaz sniper, Scots guard with missile launcher, Scots guard with Marksman Rifle, Scots Guard with Heavy Rocket Launcher, Scots guard with Molotok, Scots guard with 2 submachine guns.

Infinity - more Ariadna troopers - G$_Ariadna_AC-4

Marauder with heavy flamethrower, Minuteman with 2 light flamethrowers.

Infinity - more Ariadna troopers - G$_Ariadna_AC-3

Grunt with rifle, Foxtrot ranger, Grunt with sniper.

Infinity - more Ariadna troopers - G$_Ariadna_AC-2

Link team (L-R) Grunt with rifle. Grunt with rifle, light grenade launcher. Grunt with rifle. Grunt with heavy flamethrower. Grunt with MHG

Infinity - more Ariadna troopers - G$_Ariadna_AC-1

Another good round from G$.

The force is getting close to done. I think the plan is to run with the new USAriadna sectorial but I am expecting G$ to have a few surprises up his sleeve.

As we get more of our forces up to speed and ready, I’ll hopefully be able to post more photos.


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