Infinity – Ariadna troopers

INF_logo_cabeceraI have a lovely stack of Infinity – Ariadna troopers painted by G$ to put on show. Putting the finishing touch on some new units, we get a good look at some Wulvers and Loup-Garou. Both representing the classic style of Ariadna, cheap, fast with good damage output.

First up, the Wulvers (from left to right)

Mk 12 x 2, Boarding Shotgun, T2 Rifle, AP CCW

Infinity - Ariadna troopers - 201603_G$_Ariadna-2


Next, the Loup-Garou

Viral Rifle x 2, Sniper Rifle, Light Grenade Launcher and Boarding Shotgun

Infinity - Ariadna troopers - 201603_G$_Ariadna


Once again, G$ has done a great job. They look like members of the same squad with some great linking colours. At the same time there is enough different about the minis to notice the individuality of them.

I can’t wait to face them on the tabletop!


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