Jabberwocky Diorama

Jabberwocky Diorama 15mmcoukRecently it was my wife’s birthday. Aware that one of her favourite poems is “Jabberwocky”, by Lewis Carroll, I was quite excited to find a 15mm version of the Jabberwock by 15mm.co.uk. I was pretty sure I could do something neat with this miniature, so onto the order sheet it went, with a Jabberwocky Diorama in mind.

Deliver was fast and it arrived in perfect condition. I forgot to take photos of the miniature in pieces, but the Jabberwocky is not only en excellent sculpt it also has cleverly located mold injection points (at the connection points of wings and arms for example).  As a result I had no mold lines on the miniature at all.

Jabberwocky Diorama JabberwockyWIP

Work In Progress Picture – during the painting stage


The Jabberwocky is about 40mm high, and I thought it would look great on a plinth with a scenic base, so I set to work. A block of wood was used for the plinth, and a nice looking stick to represent a fallen tree/ log. Some flock, tall grass, flowers to add variation with static grass to cover it all. I was pretty set of having the Jabberwocky standing next to a fallen log overlooking a stream, so I made sure the base was organised the correct way with the log falling into the stream. Some Woodland Scenics Water was the final touch, to add the water effect.

Jabberwocky Diorama JabberwockyWIP-2

Work in Progress – building the base. Cut paddlepop sticks were used to give height to the base, allowing me to gouge a small stream along the front.

I am quite happy with the way it turned out, more importantly so is Ky. The piece reflects the fearsome nature of the Jabberwocky while adding some nice scenic elements.

15mm.co.uk is a company I can thoroughly recommend. They are an excellent company to deal with and products (and shipping) is cheap and quick.

EDIT: Awesomely enough the kind people at 15mm.co.uk wrote a blog about the diorama HERE. You can find a few other pics of the finished piece there.

Finally, here are a couple of pics I took of the finished piece.

Jabberwocky Diorama Jabberwocky

Finished piece. Side view.

Jabberwocky Diorama Jabberwocky -2

Finished piece. Front view.


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