Quick Review: Mists of Pandaria 1

Quick Review: Mists of Pandaria

World of Warcraft Expansion

Part the Mists, Pandaria awaits!

So, for those who may not be aware (or don’t game or live under a rock…), a new expansion has been released for World of Warcraft (WoW) called Mists of Pandaria (MoP). A quick review follows!

Set in a new southern continent, the main theme being Oriental with a new playable race, Pandarian a new class, Monk and a new max level, 90. The continent is set up with 7 zones and is packed full to overflowing with things to do.

In Cataclysm, many people wanted an easy road, Blizzard listened and made what is probably the easiest to complete expansion yet. Turns out what people thought they wanted, or at least said they wanted, wasn’t actually the case. What people wanted was challenge, and challenge takes time and commitment. Cata didn’t provide that, MoP does. Turns out people should have believed more in Blizzard.

The beauty of MoP is not only that the challenge returns, but that it is so varied! Not only raiding but challenge mode heroic dungeons, reputation grinds, mounts, pet battles, exploration and achievements, daily quests, world bosses, it is all there. Just like Burning Crusade, and this expansion is closest to BC than any of the others.

MoP is also big. Large zones, lots of quests, lots of factions, lots of travel.

Pandaria Zones, waiting to be conquered.

There is an awful lot to do in MoP and we are walking in the door to our first raid next Wednesday night so a lot of my time is being spent working on gearing up and being raid ready with enchants, gems, food and flasks (and even working out where it is). Regardless, I am excited. More excited to play WoW than I have been for 12 months. The main reason? Challenge. It looks like it is back!

So bring on Mogu’shan Vaults, we have a group ready, waiting and raring to go!

For the HORDE!!

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