Monday Madness (10/09/2012)

Another Monday, more Madness


World of Warcraft – Raiding downtime. We have pretty well stopped raiding for a break before MoP hits. Trying hard to get a Shadowmourne for the guild. I expect it to happen in maybe 2 weeks. Awesome.

DayZ! – We ended up getting scripted to death – lost our DMR, SAW and Ural Truck.. sad dayz (see what I did there!?). Back in thegame now with a full kit minus a Sniper Rifle – we just can;t get one to drop.

TNGN – We tried a DayZ squad play night. Our server changed timezone for 1 freakin’ night and screwed us all over. It didn’t go well and we dissolved the group, leaving us frustrated. Scumcleaner and I went hunting for a new group with FenrisRules and came across a good server – well the details are in the Wed Wrap Up. Wehad an awesome time, too bad it was after we dissolved the group. Next time!

This week I think we are having an ‘impromptu’ RPG session. Impromptu in that we know it is happening but not what. Ohh exciting!

Good Gaming!

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