Monday Madness (6/08/2012)

Monday Madness (Late again I know, but I’ll make it up to you)

DAYZ – Still going strong. So much fun to be had. Server hacking has increased a bit lately and it seems to find us just as we are stocked up and ready to take the next step. Frustrating to say the least but not enough to stop playing.

Tuesday Games Night! – Looking to be another double header of 40k 6th Ed!

Myself (Grey Knights) v Eldar (G$) – 1750pts

As yet unknown army (Scumcleaner) v Tyranids (DG) – 1750pt rematch!

The others seem to have come down with a strand of Nurgle’s Rot and can;t make it.

World of Warcraft – 22 of 30 shards down for Val’anyar – the legendary hammer from Ulduar. Many thanks to the guildies helping me run through to collect shards. At this rate it should be 2 more runs to get the remaining shards.

World of Tanks – A bit quite on this front. I have had a few games but DayZ is all the rage at the moment.

Game On!

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