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Fisheye XMas Warboss Says

Hi Everyone,

I’m taking an opportunity to reflect after a couple months into the year. Speaking to the Monday Night Gamers late 2014, I went about setting up a rough plan of the games I wanted us to test and the order we would test them in.

The thought I had at the time was that we would spend one month on a game system, and each system would receive a pretty well rounded look:

  • an introduction, test phase
  • a look at the miniatures and a modelling/ painting feature
  • a battle report or a look at some games
  • a final review with a rating

At the time this sounded great, we wouldn’t get bored and we would be able to get in a good 6 – 8 games per month playtesting and analysing. One thing I didn’t take into consideration is the organic flow of the human brain. I really didn’t stop to think or consider that when enthusiasm was high with a new game, we may not want to give it up. Alternatively, if we really didn’t like something we may not want to spend a month on it!

I tried this process for one month and it was honestly a chore. Everything felt rushed, as if we were moving to a schedule, which we were. It took a lot of enjoyment out of things. There was too much structure for something that was supposed to be fun.

After looking at that first month and the stress and problems it caused I decided to can most of the idea. When it comes to new games, I still intend to produce articles, or posts, looking at the four broad topics above, however it won;t be to a time schedule. I’ll be letting the natural ebb and flow of things decide when we move on, or look at new games.

That being said, we have gotten a lot of gaming in, and have all been quite busy. So far this year we have:

  • Played and reviewed Warhammer 40k, a couple people even starting, or looking to start, some new armies. Definitely a lot of hobby work going on there with modelling and painting, both armies and terrain.
  • We started the Painting Challenge as a way to keep people motivated to paint and model, not just play.
  • We have really hit Infinity hard, with a couple of the group attending a local Infinity tournament, and we are just about to start Campaign: Paradiso
  • Infinity has really gotten people involved in new army purchases, modelling and painting. There has also been a whole stack of new terrain purchased and constructed so that we have the right look and feel for the game table
  • This week will also see us taking a look at Kings of War, to see if we can find a use for our dusty Warhammer Fantasy Battles miniatures.

I also have quite a lot of things planned for the year, a host of games lined up and ideas to implement. Taking a look at some of them:

  • Find a use for those Warhammer Fantasy armies we have lying around. The first step is to have a crack at Kings of War, and then run a similar game setup with Sword & Spear and see if either or both suite our needs. I enjoyed my test games of Sword & Spear, and I have heard good things about Kings of War.
  • Run and participate in Campaign: Paradiso. I want to try a new style of immersion by using a bit more in the way of audio and visual techniques. I would like to have some small video snippets available each mission and have some more of the campaign presented in an electronic format.
  • Paint my Nomad and Pan-O forces for Infinity.
  • I have a truck load of terrain ideas and scrap bits around, ready for them to be made. Got to get the time to do it.
  • I am writing a new Chain of Command campaign featuring the Canadian army at Falaise Pocket. The background is researched and 90% written. I am looking at Orders of Battle now, and the developing the campaign path and special campaign rules. I have received some great help from my friends John and Serge over in Canada and appreciate their help.
  • Convert the Dropzone Commander forces to a useable force and force list for Quadrant 13. The scale of the Dropzone Commander forces is excellent for Q13 (being 10mm miniatures). Dropzone Commander is very good, their miniatures are great, but I can’t help thinking I’ll get a more in depth game with Quadrant 13, we’ll see.
  • Develop an alternate activation system for Warhammer 40k. We have out house rules, but in thinking about it lately, I really like the way I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and Dux Britanniarum execute unit activations. I am confident this can be modified to give a nice, new activation system, breaking up the current IGOUGO system. Our house rules use a token system, drawn out of a bag, but I think I am just lazy and would prefer to draw cards over pulling out tokens! The other thing I like about a card activation system is that thematic abilities, representing specific armies can be injected into the game.
  • I am looking forward to Fighting Season, from Too Fat Lardies. The idea of Modern Combat sort of came from nowhere. I really had little interest but some of the ideas in the game really intrigue me. Enough to get the rules and playtest them and then maybe get some 15mm miniatures for it.
  • Finally, in the back pocket is the Dux Brittaniarum campaign, I wouldn’t expect this to get underway until later in the year, but I am really keen to get it started.

So, that is the year so far, and some of the plans for the future. A lot in there but some of those things have really got me excited.


Had anyone else had any experience with the games were are, and plan to, play? What are your thoughts on them (Kings of War in particular)?

Does anyone have any experience with TFL games other than Chain of Command, we haven’t had much of an opportunity to expand from CoC so would love any opinions people have.

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