Yep, it’s that time again. Time for a new campaign: Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet! What is this amalgamation? Well, it is another mish mash of rules to fit our gaming group (I can’t seem to help myself sometimes). The idea is to combine the three separate games Dux Britanniarum, […]

Dux Mordheim powered by Rogue Planet

The weekend of the 28th and 29th of May saw the annual ANZAC Cup being held. After finally taking some pictures I can show you all my Infinity Nomad force for ANZAC Cup 2016! The lead up to the ANZAC Cup was a mixed bag for me. This was the […]

Infinity Nomad force for ANZAC Cup 2016

Here we have the latest troop offering from G$. Infinity – Latest Ariadna troopers.   A lot of these are tournament minis, and will make a great addition to G$’s forces. After having played against some of them I can say the Devil Dog and Antipode team are deadly, while the […]

Infinity – Latest Ariadna troopers

After seeing some amazing scenes and shots around the web involving many a Battle Mat, I was inspired to create my own after reading some posts on Wargaming with Silver Whistle. After looking around the web for some instructions and guidance on how to perform this task, I stumbled on […]

Battle Mat

Some more Ariadna troopers today, for Infinity. We have a tournament coming up in a month and a half so a lot of focus has now moved to finishing off armies. That means designing army lists, playtesting, making sure the rules are fresh in our minds. Most of all it […]

Infinity – more Ariadna troopers

I have a lovely stack of Infinity – Ariadna troopers painted by G$ to put on show. Putting the finishing touch on some new units, we get a good look at some Wulvers and Loup-Garou. Both representing the classic style of Ariadna, cheap, fast with good damage output. First up, […]

Infinity – Ariadna troopers

We’ve pushed the release to CoC40k v1.0 after a number of playtests. The majority of general rules are covered now including psychic powers and flyers. The integration of CoC and 40k mechanics allows CoC style games to be played, and tactic to be used, while allowing armies to be selected […]

CoC40k v1.0

Another test of the rules in the Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Playtest 2. The first playtest report is here. Again I’ll cover things in as much details as possible to show the interaction between rulesets. I’ll try not to let it get too boring or overwhelming. The rules we […]

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Playtest 2

After a number of playtests, CoC40k Update 0.5 is ready for release. We focused on a few key areas this time. Still a lot to do but CoC40k gives a good and solid game. I have another battle report to work on. Ultramarines storming a prison where Tau are holding […]

CoC40k Update 0.5

In aid of helping see the flow of the game I have stepped out a more detailed Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report. This report will be a little more technical (and possibly more dry) than usual as I am trying to really highlight which mechanics are used for […]

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k Battle Report

Chain of Command 40k Templates While the rules document is in development I have also been working on some templates for CoC40k to help give the game the right feel. I have a reworked Force Morale Chart and Jump Off Points for starters. I’ll add more templates as the rules […]

Chain of Command 40k Templates

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k? Really, can it be done? Let’s find out! Warhammer 40k has been such a large part of my wargaming life, and for so long,  I find it a little bit depressing to see the changes Games Workshop are implementing. There is still a lot to […]

Chain of Command Warhammer 40k