This week, 15mm German late war vehicles for Chain of Command. Sorry for the sporadic posts to date, I  am having an issue with my hosting where pictures are not uploading properly. While I sort that out I have found a plug in that lets me display directly from Google […]

15mm German late war vehicles

The cloaked alien life pod has been found! Who can extract the secrets first? Mission 102 saw Troy and G$ again come away with top points overall and were able to first triangulate the location of the alien pod. This left Luke and Alex to play catch up and grab […]

Campaign Paradiso Mission 103

Time to say farewell to another year, Goodbye 2015! I hope the end of the year finds everyone well. With Christmas out of the way, and the New Year about to set in, this time of the year is often spent with friends, family and food. What was it I […]

Goodbye 2015

Well, it is that time of year again. Time for holidays, fun and friends. That also means – CHRISTMAS GAME TIME!! Our Xmas game for 2015 was played out the weekend before last. We had an awesome 4 player King of the Hill. Dave with the bugs, a horde Tyranid […]

Xmas Game 2015

Last week we saw how to make a Static Grass Applicator based off a bug zapper. This week well look at the second type of Static Grass Applicator – Type 2, powered by a Negative Ion Generator. This will give us a good chance to compare the two build, and […]

Static Grass Applicator – Type 2

This week I’ll be able to show you Part 1 of a two part series on making a Static Grass Applicator. There are a number of awesome videos and articles out in the wild web with instructions on how to make your own, so Luke and I thought we would […]

Static Grass Applicator – Type 1

The painting challenge for November 2015 is here! A small submission this month, and I do mean small! Ash has put his laser focus eyeballs in and painted up the minute attack wings that come with Star Wars Armada! Some X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings and B-Wings, all with a fresh coat and […]

Painting Challenge November 2015

As you may be aware, Crossroads focuses on the actions of the Canadians at Falaise Gap. As a special nod to our Canadian friends, it was decided to add Maj. David Currie V.C. as a playable character. This is of course optional, but may help add to the immersion and […]

Crossroads Campaign Special Character

In an attempt to retrieve even more details of the Aliens, the race is on to unlock the their secrets. Mission 101 saw Troy and G$ race off with the initial alien information and location. This means they would be facing off as they had the two highest points after […]

Campaign Paradiso Mission 102

So, I wasn’t happy with the work I did for Luke’s O-Yoroi TAG (for Infinity, Yu Jing Faction). Most of the work done painting the TAG was completely overshadow by the excessive dirt and grime I added over the top. The end result was a drab coloured mini, that just looked […]

Infinity Yu Jing O-Yoroi Kidobutai

The painting challenge for October 2015 is here! A light on month, Luke’s Yu Jing (for Infinity) have their bike complement completed now. We also have the awesome work by Troy on the Chess Board, with Ultramarines and Chaos Marines. Here are the finished submissions for this months challenge, enjoy! Playing […]

Painting Challenge October 2015

I was recently given a surprise. Something I was completely unaware of until the later stages of the project, and which still did not prepare me for exactly how fantastic this surprise was. Nominally it was an unbirthday gift but I think it needs to be called by its more […]

Warhammer 40k Chess Board