Painting Challenge August 2015 4

The Paintbrush_And_Palette_clip_art_mediumpainting challenge for August 2015 is here!

A mix of  Infinity and Chain of Command.

G$ is hard at work, ploughing through his Ariadna troopers, with another round on show this month. I have finally finished off my British armour support for Chain of Command.

Here are the finished submissions for this months challenge, enjoy!

Playing the Odds Painting Challenge August 2015


Painting Challenge August 2015 - PC_201508-G2

Infinity, Ariadna troops. Zouaves Sappers. HMG on the left, Sniper Rifle on the right)

Painting Challenge August 2015 - PC_201508-G1

Infinity, Ariadna troops. (From L to R) Antipode Handler, Margot (half of Equipe Mirage 5), Para Commando with HMG.

Painting Challenge August 2015 - PC_201508-G3

Infinity, Arianda Highlander Cateran.



Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) – 15mm Cromwell tank.

PC_201508-M1a PC_201508-M1b PC_201508-M1c

PSC – 15mm Sherman Firefly tank.

PC_201508-M2a PC_201508-M2b PC_201508-M2c

Zvezdza – 15mm Daimler Dingo.

(Not a lot to work with here unfortunately. Nice and cheap, but lacking in details. Will do the job on the tabletop though)

PC_201508-M3a PC_201508-M3b PC_201508-M3c

Battlefront – 15mm M5 Stuart

PC_201508_MB1 PC_201508_MB2 PC_201508_MB3




G$ is putting in a solid effort, on the way to completing his Ariadna force. The camo patterns look very effective on the table and do two things really well.

  1. Unify the force
  2. Set out the Ariadna army as a completely different looking army to the other, more advanced ‘powers’.

On a personal note, I have now completed all my British vehicle support choices for Chain of Command. None have any decals or markings applied as I have yet to decide who they will belong to. Once that is decided I’ll purchase some decals and they will be up to speed. Until then they work just fine on the battlefield.

Now to look at an M10 Achilles for the Brits (never enough right?), and then maybe some Early War French are in order… Hmm…

Any comments or pictures you would like to share?

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