Painting Challenge March 2015


Painting Challenge

Hi Everyone,

This month sees something new and special for the blog. As gamers and modelers, an important part of our hobby is painting and modelling the miniatures we use for our games.

As I am sure we all know, sometimes the mountain of metal, plastic and resin feels insurmountable, and no matter how much you paint it always feels like there is a pile of stuff still staring at you (either that or it indicates I play too many games)…

Another big aspect that affects my painting is motivation, I know people who love to paint almost all the time and I know people who can’t stand it. I fall right in between, I really enjoy painting but I go through high and low motivation cycles.

In an attempt to help all of these things, I put together a ‘painting challenge’ for our Monday Night Gaming group. This isn’t a competition more so than a motivational challenge. With seven of us on board to start with, the goal has been to help each other out with tips, ideas and motivation. To help us all get through our mountains of metal.

I have found that being able to send and see peoples Work in Progress pictures has been great in helping me focus my efforts, and pick up tips along the way. It has given me a nice kick to keep testing and challenging my abilities as I try new techniques and methods. This has been a rewarding effort so far.

With all the above out of the way, I present the finished submissions for our first monthly painting challenge, enjoy!

Playing the Odds Painting Challenge March 2015


(Infinity) Combined Army – Charontid Anathematic

Painting Challenge March 2015 Troy1

Combined Army – Charontid Anathematic (Front/ Side)

Painting Challenge March 2015 Troy1b

Combined Army Charontid Anathematic (Back Side)

(Infinity) Combined Army Special Armoured Corps ‘Sphinx’

Painting Challenge March 2015 Troy2

Combined Army Special Armoured Corps ‘Sphinx’ ( Front)

Painting Challenge March 2015 Troy2b

Combined Army Special Armoured Corps ‘Sphinx’ (Back)


(Warhammer 40k) Chaos Maulerfiend Daemon Engine

Painting Challenge March 2015 Ash4

Chaos Maulerfiend Daemon Engine

(Warhammer 40k) Chaos Spawn

Painting Challenge March 2015 Ash 3

Chaos Spawn (converted and painted)

(Warhammer 40k) Chaos Lord of Nurgle, on Bike

Painting Challenge March 2015 Ash 2b

Chaos Lord of Nurgle, on Bike (painted and converted)

Painting Challenge March 2015 Ash 2

Chaos Lord of Nurgle, on Bike (Alternate View)

(Warhammer 40k) Death Guard Squad

Painting Challenge March 2015 Ash 1

Death Guard Space Marines


 (Infinity) Yu Jing Keisotsu Squad

Painting Challenge March 2015

Yu Jing Keisotsu Squad – 4 Combi Rifles plus a Grenade Launcher

(Infinity) Yu Jing Doctor, Engineer and Remote Servants

Painting Challenge March 20015 Luke2

Yu Jing Tokusetsu Engineer and Doctor, both with YaoZao Remote Servants

(Infinity) Yu Jing Karakuri Heavy Infantry

Painting Challenge March 20015 Luke3

Yu Jing Karakuri Heavy Infantry

(Infinity) Yu Jing Karakuri and Ninja Units

Painting Challenge March 20015 Luke4

Yu Jing units. 3 x Karakuri Heavy Infantry on the left, and a Ninja Sniper and Ninja on the right.

(PlastCraftGames) EWAR Building Set

Painting Challenge March 20015 Matt1

PlastCraftGames EWAR Building Set. WW2 Normandy Buildings – 15mm/ 20mm size


Our expectations aren’t huge, there is no pressure artificially applied (hence no prizes or rewards). As the main goal is motivation and completion, we are happy to look at pretty well anything gaming, that relates to painting or modelling. That is miniatures, terrain, painting, converting, whatever. If you are working on your gaming stuff, then you are doing it right! From what I hear, the guys participating have enjoyed being involved.

If any of you have anything you wish to share regarding hobby or modelling, please feel free to show us, we’d love to see it.

Additionally, if anyone thinks this is something they would like to be a part of, and would like to join us, let me know.

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