Painting Challenge May 2015 2


Painting Challenge

Presenting  the monthly painting challenge for May 2015.
A busy month for everyone in May saw a late rush of submissions in the last few days.

In the end we saw a good number of submissions, with more excellent results.

We have some of the new Imperial Assassins and Skitarii for 40k, from Ash. These are WIP shots so we can see how he is coming along (looking pretty darn good). Some nice looking models and great examples of highlighting black with the Assassins.

G$ has been putting in some good work with his Infinity Ariadna force. Looks like lots of tartan practice to me. So great contrasts and unifying colours.

Troy shows us his Infinity ALEPH forces with a new off-white tone for the uniforms, and it really does the job. Excellent colour. Please note, some of the Myrmidons are still a WIP.

I had a busy month unfortunately and all I can show is the Infinity container terrain. I’ll be looking to improve my output this coming month.

Here are the finished submissions for this months challenge, enjoy!

Playing the Odds Painting Challenge May 2015


Warhammer 40k – Callidus Assassin

Painting Challenge May 2015 Callidus


Warhammer 40k – Vindicare Assassin


Painting Challenge May 2015 Vindicare

Warhammer 40k – Eversor Assassin

Painting Challenge May 2015 Eversor

Warhammer 40k – Culexus Assassin

Painting Challenge May 2015 Culexus

Warhammer 40k – Chaos Lord

Painting Challenge May 2015 Chaos_lord

Warhammer 40k – Skitarii troops

Painting Challenge May 2015 Skitarii Callidus


Infinity – Ariadna forces

Painting Challenge May 2015 Ariadna Engineering

(From Left to Right) Dozer with Akrylat-Kanone, Irmandinho with Chain Rifle (Scuba Steve), Dozer with Traktor Mul Control Device, Traktor Muls, Irmandinho with rifle.

Painting Challenge May 2015 Ariadna Chassuers and mines

Chasseurs with adhesive launchers and mine markers.

Painting Challenge May 2015 Ariadna Infiltrators Part 1

SAS, Spetnaz paratrooper, Tank Hunter, Scout, Scout.


Infinity – ALEPH forces

Painting Challenge May 2015 ALEPH Pheonix

Phoenix, Veteran Myrmidon Officer

Painting Challenge May 2015 ALEPH Teucer

Teucer, Agêma’s Warrant Officer

Painting Challenge May 2015 ALEPH Myrm

Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Corps

Painting Challenge May 2015 ALEPH Myrm_group with machaon

Myrmidon fireteams with Tuecer, Phoenix and Machaon, Medical Officer of the Myrmidons (2nd row, left hand side)


Another great month for painting. Everything that I see painted is to a consistently great level. I love being able to see the variation of styles, techniques, and colour pallets used between not only the individual painters, but the different forces as well.

If any of you have anything you wish to share regarding hobby or modelling, please feel free to show us, we’d love to see it.

Additionally, if anyone thinks this is something they would like to be a part of, and would like to join us, let me know.



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