Painting Challenge October 2015

TheĀ Paintbrush_And_Palette_clip_art_mediumpainting challenge for October 2015 is here!

A light on month, Luke’s Yu Jing (for Infinity) have their bike complement completed now. We also have the awesome work by Troy on the Chess Board, with Ultramarines and Chaos Marines.

Here are the finished submissions for this months challenge, enjoy!

Playing the Odds Painting Challenge October 2015


Infinity, Yu Jing – Aragoto Senkenbutai

Painting Challenge October 2015 - PC_201510-1-3 Painting Challenge October 2015 - PC_201510-1-2 Painting Challenge October 2015 - PC_201510-1



Warhammer 40k Chess Set


40KChess_UM1 40KChess_UM3 40KChess_UM4

Chaos Marines

40KChess_Chaos1 40KChess_Chaos3 40KChess_Chaos4


Yu Jing now all done for Luke, I was trying to give the bikes a very reflective, plastic look. I am not sure if they look too ‘wet though’. Regardless they came out reasonably well.

Troy has done an amazing job on the Chess Set, as described in the previous post, I wasn’t sure about taking individual photos of each miniature or not, but that is certainly an option if anyone wants to see them,

Probably time for me to move on to my Nomads, or Pan-O Infinity armies. Either that or my WW2 British or German armies for Chain of Command

Any comments or pictures you would like to share?


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