Painting: More 40K World Eaters

Been working on my 40k World Eaters a little more.

This time some vehicles, two Rhino’s and a Blood Slaughterer. I am going for an old, beaten, and worn down look. I envisage the World Eaters traversing battlefields, finding more blood for The Blood God. Battle after battle, through the mud, blood and dust they go, across a multitude of battlefields. These vehicles could be thousands of years old, as they traverse The Warp and appear in realspace, only to disappear again some time in the future.

I also don’t see World Eaters washing their tanks…


Old Rhino’s seem to sit well with the aged and old look. Of course World Eaters will take trophies.


First Rhino with a bit of weathering, chipping, mud and blood. Trying not to overdo the blood spray…


Second Rhino, a bit more worse for wear and losing a lot of paint. I stuffed the headlights unfortunately.


Blood Slaughterer, Daemon Engine of Khorne. Good for the choppy chop. Not sure how it will go in game, being a glorified Dreadnought, but it looks pretty good in the flesh.

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